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Thread Vein Laser Treatment Caused Neuralgia

I had laser on my upper lip for a thread vein. I screamed when it was being done (as if my nerve had been hit). after the treatment i came out in a tiny white blister,... READ MORE

Trigeminal Neuralgia Following Vein Treatment

Hi i developed trigeminal neuralgia after having a spider vein removed by laser. Is it possible that my trigeminal nerve was startled (for use of a better word) as in time this... READ MORE

Spider Veins Results In Neurolgia

Spider vein treatment from laser resulted in me having an episode of neurolgia do you think this is possible a result of the spider vein treatment which was to a vein coming... READ MORE

Laser Treatment For Thread Vein on Upper Lip Plus Giant Cell Artirises Equals Trigemiamal Neurolgia?

Hi i had laser treatment to my upper lip and then a couple of days later had my first attack of trigemiamal neurolgia i did ask you here if this laser could have caused this... READ MORE

Laser on Upper Lip for Fine Red Vein, Is it Possible to Receive Nerve Trauma?

Following on I am worried that my surgeon may have had the setting too high when he did the treatment on my red vein on my upper lip as it felt too powerful. He then treated... READ MORE

Is It Possible the Nerve Damage was Done While Using Laser on Spider Veins Above Upper Lip?

I have suffered nerve pain in face since having this treatment done to the area between upper lip towards nose. When my lip was done, the shock penetrated to the brain, my... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Spider Vein- Nerve Damage?

Thank you to Victoria for her reply. After laser treatment I did have a scab form over where the laser touched my skin. Two days later i eat cold fruit from fridge and had my... READ MORE

Restylane and Trigeminal Neurolgia?

I have had Trigeminal Neurolgia and am now in remission i would like Restylane in the lower corners of my mouth but I am afraid it may trigger a futher Trigeminal Neurolgia... READ MORE

Lip lift. Does my small face rule out the procedure?

Does my small face rule out the procedure? I only have a gap of 11mm between nose and mouth. I have very thin upper lip. READ MORE

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During a procedure with a different doctor my nerve was also hit. I suffered trauma for 12 months and then it gradually healed. I pray the same for you. The human body can surprise you with its ability to recover. READ COMMENT

I also recieved nerve damage after laser treatment for a spider vein coming from lip. It stopped hurting after medication but hurt for a year. READ COMMENT

Hi Ashley did your teeth calm down eventually? If so how long did it take? READ COMMENT