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Smoking HOT at 50

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Tummy Tuck

22 Mar 2017, Updated 4 months ago

Andrew Wolfe, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Gosh were do I start. Dr. Wolfe saved my life in so many ways. I was sick abd gained 100 lbs. I tried for years to get the weight off. When it finally started to come off, I was left with a saggy misshapen body. Dr. Wolfe helped me to select the correct surgeries and yes we disagreed, but he was right in the end. Work with him and don't just meet with him once. Some days he was busy... READ MORE

Thermage Ruined my Neck. Boulder, CO

THERMAGE THERMA LIFT RUINED MY NECK! I had fantastic results from the pearl laser at Dr. Vath's medical spa and should have stopped there. There treatments (pearl laser, microderm abrasion, chemical peels, etc)always left my face glowing and beautiful! The nurse that i normally work with was on maternity leave, so I tried a dermatologist in Boulder instead for a regular follow up of... READ MORE

Juviderm - Colorado

Fantastic! I was treated with injections around my mouth and above my cheek bones. I used a qualified and experienced nurse at a plastic surgeon's office. She didn't overfill and the treatment brought fullness back to face. READ MORE

Pearl Laser - youthful glow is back!

Here's my story: I was ill for a very long time, gained 80 lbs and the skin on my face was blotchy, dull, and just looked unhealthy. By 2010, I had recovered from my illness, lost over 60 lbs, but still the skin on my face wasn't bouncing back like the rest of me. I decided to have the Pearl Laser done in August 2010 by a practioner that I researched and trusted. The treatment... READ MORE

Questions from Sky101

Tummy tuck solar plexis swelling or disfigured 2 days post op (Photo)

See photos. there is an odd, very lumpy section of skin all around my solar plexis with a strange line down the middle. IS THIS NORMAL? Is it just swelling or is it disfigured? READ MORE

Facelift uneven bruising. Does this look normal to you? (Photo)

Facelift 3 days post op. One side under the ear has more pronounced swelling and bruising. Does this look normal to you? My surgeon and nurses will be in tomorrow morning was... READ MORE

What is causing asymmetry after my no drain tummy tuck? (Photo)

On the right side of my tummy there is a continuous muscular line running from below the belly button to the solar plexus with no breaks. On the left side, there is break in... READ MORE

Perfect temps vs. bulky veneers. Starting round 2. What approach would you take to ensure the finals look like temps? (Photos)

My dentist created the perfect temps.They were weakening so the lab decided to proceed without a final mockup. The veneers came back too bulky, too white/monochromatic, &... READ MORE

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Though I wouldn't let him do the revision. READ COMMENT

I am so sorry. That must be very frustrating. I hope he helps you get this fixed READ COMMENT