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Lab rats? Obviously you don't know how to read or comprehend words. Helping people with my time and equipment for free is not experimental. Its an act of kindness due to the passion I have to help people and give them results they can... READ COMMENT

I am absolutely sympathetic and have offered people service free of charge to investigate and help. Surgeons do not operate cosmetic lasers of this low caliber. The fact is this laser cannot inflict this type of damage. There can be... READ COMMENT

Please tell me where to find these. I've been doing laser for 15 years. I do.it 6 days a week. Average 8 hours a day. 40 percent of my clients including myself, my friends, family and referrals do the Affirm with me. I have treated... READ COMMENT

Hi Britt, I did not judge or chastice her. I am simply confident with all of my experience that the Affirm is not the culprit. This is informational and thats why I commented. Everyone has a different response does not mean that this... READ COMMENT

Sats you are absolutely right. I hate when people have a bad experience and tell people dont do it. Just because they went to the wrong person who did not treat them properly. I have restored and maintained thousands of peoples skin.... READ COMMENT