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Iguide Neck Lift for 32 Year Old Female (Genetic Trait) - United Kingdom

After liposuction of the neck 10 years ago, my neck contour improved, but it could have been better. Today, the same "no angle" neck has returned and I believe this trampoline system will help. I'll update after the procedure. Just an update. I had general anesthetic (the surgeon feels it is safer) and so all day yesterday I was very groggy. I got a first glimpse this... READ MORE

Questions from Chani

Is it normal that I am unable to move my mouth without great difficulty after chin implant, rhinoplasty? (photo)

8 days ago, I had rhinoplasty, a small chin implant with wings (incision through chin), and very little fat transfer to crease between chin and lip, and to bottom lip. Speaking... READ MORE

What results should I expect after removing a 6 mm projection mandibular glove chin implant (size small), after 2 or 3 months?

I will be removing my 6 mm projection mandibular glove chin implant (size small), after 3 mos. What aspect (projection from scar tissue, stretched skin.. under chin, at jowls.... READ MORE

After a kenalog injection in the nose, is it a good or bad idea to tape the nose at night?

After a kenalog injection in nose, is it a good or bad idea to tape the nose at night? READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend to correct beginning jowls? (photos)

What procedure would you recommend to halt and correct beginning jowls, based on my photos and hoped results? I'm a few years from turning 40, but have no desire to show it.... READ MORE

I plan to remove a "small flower mandibular glove" chin implant with .6cm projection. Is removal or replacement better? (photo)

The glove-chin implant very minimally improved my profile profile, while I no longer like my smile (chin looks too big). I want to take out the implant, but I'm very worried... READ MORE

Is non surgical revision rhinoplasty for the tip using Silicone®™ 1000 Microdroplets risky?

I had a rhinoplasty 20 years ago, then a revision rhinoplasty 3 years ago. The second surgery removed too much of the tip, so 6 months ago, my surgeon injected over 2 sessions... READ MORE

Recent comments from Chani

I think you have every right to ask what kind of laser it was.. Some of these practioners are so snooty. READ COMMENT

That is confusing, I agree. Photofacials are IPL according to the internet... What kind of laser was it then...? I'm planning on dealing with my sunspots too... READ COMMENT