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Surgery To Fix Over-Exposed Nostrils and Short Nose. Have I Messed Up The Results?

I am four days out of surgery to lengthen my short Asian nose, correct over-exposed nostril holes, and sharpen the tip. my surgeon used ear+septal cartilage. Horrors, i... READ MORE

Taping Nose Post-rhino, Will The peeling Away Effect The Healing Shape?

After nose-lengthening with septal and ear grafts on tip, my supratip is less defined than i would like it at 7 weeks post-op. decided to tape it a little . asked my doc via... READ MORE

Yawning After Tip Plasty

Will yawning vigorously/widely after tip grafting + nose lengthening affect tip shape? i seem to yawn so much more after surgery and i can't stifle it, try as i might. i... READ MORE

Will The Stretching of Scar Tissue Cause Distortion of The Nose's Final Shape?

2 questions : will stretching of the scar tissue or any other kinds of tissue on places like the nostril wing and nasal tip cause distortion? also, how is it that scar tissue... READ MORE

Sutures For Tip Grafts- Shifting?

My surgeon said he sutured my tip grafts in place during my nose-lengthening ,correction of over-exposed nostrils and tip surgery. Does that mean the tip grafts will not shift... READ MORE

Necessary To Cut Upper Lip Muscle

Is it necessary for upper lip muscle to be cut? If it doesn't , would it result in a drooping tip or displaced cartilage tip grafts during facial animation or tension? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: Cutting Upper Lip Muscle

For nose lengthening surgery in addition to tip grafting for sharper more projected tip,is it necessary to cut the upper lip muscle? I was always of the impression that if the... READ MORE