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Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction - Wellington, New Zealand

We were living in China when I decided my husband could buy me some new breasts for my 39th birthday. For two years I loved them, I didn’t show them off with cleavage or tight tops but I stopped worrying about swimming, or someone turning up when I didn’t have my padded bra on, or that fact that above my bra my chest suddenly turned flat and bony… Then, I found a lump. At first I... READ MORE

Questions from Auntie-shop

When my Implants Drop Does It Affect the Breast Crease, As Now One of Mine is Lower?

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago.One has dropped and looks great, but the crease is probably 2cm lower than the other breast now. Is this normal when the implant drops? Also I... READ MORE

Has Tissue Damage Occurred from the Inside of my Breast During Surgery?

4weeks post op and waiting for my left breast to drop and resemble my right but I am afraid it never will. After surgery it was very bruised and is still more painful than the... READ MORE

How Reliable Are the Bra Fitting Guides? It is Telling Me I Am an A - After Augmentation!

I am 140lb and 5.8ft. I had breast implants (320cc) about 3 months ago now and want to start shopping for new bra's. If I measure myself using the bra fitting guide it is... READ MORE

Can You Perform a Dual Plane Breast Implant Procedure Through a Nipple Incision?

I had implants in Shanghai. I can feel the edges on one side and bottom and they are slightly uneven, but other than that I was pretty happy. I told my family Dr what I had... READ MORE

Why Tissue Expanders? Having Bilateral, Skin Saving Mastectomy With Immediate Reconstruction?

I am deciding which type of reconstruction to have and am wondering why you must have tissue expanders when women having a simple breast enlargement can go from an A to a DD... READ MORE

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Another great update, again putting into words just how I feel. That must be a sign of your ability as a writer, the way your reader can connect to you. I haven't updated my story, but am also finished to where I am happy to stop... READ COMMENT

OK, strange comment but you are a brilliant writer! I loved your story because it was just so funny and sad and familiar, you put into words a lot of what I feel. I had it a bit easier than you, my drains were out quickly and I've... READ COMMENT

Dear Diane, I am so glad that my story has helped. I will be updating again soon, I'm packing up to return to my husband so have been a bit busy. My left implant did not show any leak, thank goodness, and we have finished filling them... READ COMMENT

Hi Beth, thank you so much for your reply. With your mother having had cancer I can see why you are very strict about your mammogram! I must admit I was not, the lump was the first time I had my breasts checked. We do not have the... READ COMMENT

Hi there, I am also in the process of having my tissue expanders inflated. I have previously had breast implants but developed cancer to I can compare the expanders with normal breast implants with breast tissue. The expanders do sit... READ COMMENT