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5 Days After Chin Implant and No Sensation in Lower Lip. I'm Extremely Nervous I Won't Be Able to Smile Again or Eat Properly.

Can this be normal? It feels as if I have dental novocaine in there, it's numb. I'm just so worried I won't be able to smile or eat or use a straw again. It's... READ MORE

Is Numbness and Now Twitching Normal in Lower Lip After Chin Implant?

I had a chin implant (inserted through chin) a week ago. I have had a completely numb lower lip since then. I was told this was normal and it will come back. Today my lip has... READ MORE

I'm Unable to Smile After Rhinoplasty

I'm one week out from Rhinoplasty and a chin implant. I have numbness in lower lip due to chin implant and my top lip won't move due to rhinoplasty. I was not told this... READ MORE

After Cast Removal (Rhinoplasty), How Much is Swelling?

I had a dorsal hump removed, the projection of the nose was reduced and my tip was very slightly narrowed. I love the profile, except the elevation of the tip. My doctor said... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Remove a Chin Implant?

I'm a female who had a chin implant two weeks ago. It's still slightly swollen but I can feel under the skin it's way too big for my chin. It's given me a very... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty - Upturned Pig Nose

At first I thought the pig appearance was due to the cast. It didn't change when cast came off. I did not ask for my tip to be rotated at all, but he was reducing the width... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, I Seem to Still Have Facial Swelling.

I notice because my folds/hollows around my nose are 'full' where as usually they are hollow looking (I usually get juvederm in there, and have not done so). I also... READ MORE

4.5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, my Tip is Too High and Nostrils Show Too Much, What Should I Do?

I had surgery 4.5 weeks ago. My tip still has the 'piggy' look. I used to have a longer nose, and no nostril show. Now, my nostrils are center of attention on my face... READ MORE

How Easy is It to Replace a Chin Implant?

I'm female and 9 months ago I had a silicone chin implant with wings put in at the suggestion of my surgeon. I only wanted added projection, I liked my face shape. But the... READ MORE