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How Easy is it to Remove This Bump on my Nose?

I would like to know that is it easy to remove this bump one my nose because the bump on my nose is not very big. Is it safe to remove the bump on nose? Thank You READ MORE

Do You Need to Break the Nose for This Bump? (photo)

Hello i heard that if your bump is small you can remove it without breaking the nose so look at my bump is it possible to fix it without breaking the nose? Hello Is it possible... READ MORE

How Nose Tip Reduction is Done?

Hello i would like to know how nose tip reduction is done what do you remove to reduce the nose tip. Tell me the name of tissues that you remove during nose tip reduction , if... READ MORE

Can Burst Blood Vessels Occur After Rhinoplasty?

Hello can burst blood vessels occur after rhinoplasty surgery? READ MORE

Nose Tip Reduction?

Hello when you reduce the tip length does nose appear wider in front view and what do you do to hide the nostrils when tip reduction is done? READ MORE

What if Bump is Removed?

I have a bump on my nose i want to remove it but when you perform osteotomie to close the open roof deformity the middle and the tip will look wider i think, so you need to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Rasp a Small Bump Down But Not Removal it Completely?

Hello i have a small bump on my nose i want to rasp it a little bit not to remove completely only to make it smaller and i want a tip reduciton? is this possible under local... READ MORE