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Had Tuck and Some Lipo May 16th and Still Blue - New York

I want to know if anyone else had the experience I had. I have been so blue since I had my surgery and still have not snapped out of it. I don't feel comfortablle in my own skin or in my body and everything is still so sore. It's hard for me to be a good wife or mother because I just feel down. I think surgeon did good job and things looking pretty good, but I wasn't prepared... READ MORE

Questions from dsc1

Difference Between Traditional Tuck and Floating? Are There Any Issues With Reattaching The Belly Button?

What is the difference between traditional tummy tuck where cut outside around button and new techniques where button is floated underneath? My doc says can put back same place... READ MORE

Can Umbilical Hernia and Diastasis Be Fixed Without Floating Belly Button in Mini TT

If there is a definite umbilical hernia and need for diastasis repair how does the repair differ with mini vs full tt? Does stalk need to be cut to repair? What happens to... READ MORE

2 Mths out Bb Weird, Pooches Under Bb, Purple Line Doc Has No Answers Why

2 mths since surgery and have complained to doc about few issues bb shape weird, pooches (muscles)stick out under bb, deep purple line top of muscle repair that has not faded -... READ MORE

Should I or Not- TT

My body and skin look so good except i have a very small pooch, very litle skin and an umbilical hernia. i don't want to end up worse and have been told not easy case.... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Regret - Final Results?

It's few mths since my surgery and i feel regret because body is so different. i was thin before as well and had just a small pooch with bb that stuck out and was herniated... READ MORE

Is Kenalog Harmful to Flat Scars?

I have a small flat burn on my tummy that is red and I have treated it well and it is not raised and is only still very red. my dermatologist talked me into injecting small... READ MORE

Which Laser is Most Affective in Tightening Tummy Skin?

There are so many lasers out there it gets confusing and i know they are big money makers, but what really works and what doesn't? i know laser hair removal seems to work.... READ MORE

Talked Into Vbeam To Revise TT Scar- It Looks Worse. Will It Improve?

Recently saw derm for tt scar and it was so confusing said try everything from kenalog shots to bleaching creams then he used vbeam laser across my tt scar - i had 2 laser tx... READ MORE

Hood over Belly Button? (photo)

Had mini tt year ago with floating bb and no moving down of bb so i have a large hood over the top and bottom part is pulled down. did not have a lot of skin and especially not... READ MORE

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how many people have had a full tt vs a mini tt

Do u have a new bb cut from outside of tummy or your old one and work was done underneath?  do u know if your doctor floated the bb underneath?  was anyone bothered... READ MORE

has anyone had mini tummy tuck and belly button done from underneath?

How did it turn out?  I did not have a lot of skin under bbb after 3 c-sections and i did not want my bb lowered as i thought would look funny so doc pulled down - lot of... READ MORE

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Make sure you have discussed everything and u and doc r on same page - sometimes doc is not completely honest about their technique and what the limits r etc READ COMMENT

Please do not do a tummy tuck to loose weight or you will be really disappointed. teh doctor cannot make you a perfect tummy no matter what they promise. Loose the weight first - get to your ideal weight heathfully and with exercise... READ COMMENT

As long as you are prepared and also not looking for perfection (because it won't be perfect) then go for it. I think you have to be really emotionally prepared because it's harder than you think and when it heals there will be some... READ COMMENT

Issue too is that the hood makes me look like have an innie and i had a tenny tiny flat bb before kids so it is really different to me?? READ COMMENT

Yes i will - hard to tell from picture, but i have incredible muscle tone now - all of my muscles show liek a 6 pack and my scar looks invisible - i do have a small purple indent up top derm said should fade over time - i think bb is... READ COMMENT