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Almost 7 months post TOTAL FRAXEL

I had a combination active and deep fraxel around my mouth, primarily to lesson appearance of a small scar at the corner of my mouth.Now it is one month after and part of my skin appears to have striations that are accentuated when I apply makeup. Although I've been told that I may not notice results for at least 4 months, this has been a very difficult time for me. In the past, I've... READ MORE

Questions from NatG

How Long After Receiving Deep FX Can I Begin Using Makeup?

I've Had Combo FX 5 Days Ago. After 7 Days if the Crust is Off, Am I Healed? Can I then Begin Using Makeup? READ MORE

Is It Possible That 13 Days After a Combination Active/deep Fraxel, Wrinkles May Be More Visable While Skin is in Transformation

Could a Deep Fraxel Destroy Collegen in the Dermis Before New Collegen is Formed, Causing Wrinkles to Be More Visable? My Doctor was qualified, instructions were followed. READ MORE

Can Any of You Doctors Give Me Encouragement?

I had a total fraxel 2 1/2 months ago around my mouth to lesson a scar at the corner and ended up with skin on my chin of poor texture. Should my skin be back to what it was... READ MORE

Why is the Texture of my Chin Worse 2 1/2 Months After a Total Fraxel?

New lines/orange peel texture-----------will that get better? READ MORE

Can Retin A Interfere with Collagen Production from a Total Fraxel 2-3 Months After?

Although my doctor says it is ok to use Retin A 2 months after my total fraxel, I read on an internet site that it could interfere with the collagen production from the fraxel.... READ MORE

Is It Total Fraxel That Made My Eyelashes Fall Out?

Could Losing My Lower Eyelashes On Both Sides Be from the Center Outward Have Anything to Do with my Having a Total Fraxel? This happened right after the fraxel. READ MORE

Discussions started by NatG

Does any one have appearance of more wrinkles 1 month after combo active and deep fraxel?

My chin is slightly crumply, and has striations that I did not see before the fraxel.I know it is still early, but I am worried.I had a good doctor and followed all... READ MORE

What has been your experience between 3 and 6 months after a total fraxel ?

Although I had the procedure around my mouth  to lesson a small scar, I now have a problem chin----poor texture and very fine lines.  Has anyone had significant... READ MORE

Recent comments from NatG

I did not have any pain. I went in for one thing and then ended up with some wrinkles on chin that were not visable there before the procedure.. I caution people to think twice before doing the fraxel. Then the biggest problem was that... READ COMMENT

The total fraxel was a failure. Please read my review dated Dec. 4, 2011. READ COMMENT

I went to 2 plastic surgeons. One recommended botox ( which really did not do much ) and the other did not believe there was a whole lot that could be done. Too much filler just enlarges the chin, and he felt that fat transfer is not... READ COMMENT

If you read my updated comment, I mentioned that. Actually I saw 2 highly respected plastic surgeons. READ COMMENT

I am sorry to report that as I approach 7 months post total fraxel, it ruined the texture of my chin. I went to a plastic surgeon for consultation and his reply was that the laser probably melted some underlaying fat. A respected... READ COMMENT