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What about this: It only costs $11.00 to create a book on You could band together to tell your true-life stories, with photos! Everytime LSL was googled, YOUR picture book with the facts in each case, would come up! I am... READ COMMENT

I wonder if Oprah or Doctor Oz would take on LL? THEY are not afraid of being sued, and together they would be one powerful team... what about a letter writing campaign or a petition to Oprah /Dr Oz to investigate and speak out? I... READ COMMENT

Don't give up, it is the lawyers job to find expert witnesses, nit your job -- get another lawyer. I can't understand why no class action suits have been brought against this company.. one last thing.. if you cannot list doctors... READ COMMENT

True colors, Unfortunately, sometimes to get justice you need to do a lot of extra work and steps. Sometimes justice does not come in a courtroom, but in the public forum. You need to think out of the box; try new things. Yes the... READ COMMENT