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Thanks Cara, I agree on the adjustable straps; I'm not huge, but at 36D I needed to run after one of my sons and it was not comfortable. For back bulge--especially while wearing a T-shirt, Bra-llelujah was great; it is not a support... READ COMMENT

Hi Lizzy Ann, I think the appeal of Bra-llelujah is in its styling. The Bra-llelujah resembles a "classic" bra in shape and form, whereas the Sassybax alternatives--while I'm sure they address back bulge--are more reminscent of either... READ COMMENT

Hi Mark, I would first and foremost suggest that you speak about this with your ophthalmologist and/or optometrist. Having said that, one of the differences I found on the manufacturer sites' is that the B&L lenses can apparently be... READ COMMENT

I don't usually go bare. I wear longer skirts, tights, or pants. If I do go bare, it's when I don't care how I will look, so I do nothing to my legs. It's a lot easier to wear pants or a below the calf skirt. Now a good pedicure --... READ COMMENT