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Can My Nose With Bump Be Shortened? What Is The Technique?

I wanted to know if the nose can be shortened and what is the determining factor to how much it can be shortened. Is there usually complication with it or is it easy? I... READ MORE

What Are My Options If I Can't Breathe AT ALL Through Nose 3 Months Post-op?

My breathing feels stuffy and dry all the time. It's as if I need to blow something out of my nose but nothing comes out. My ENT said I have a deviated septum obstructing one... READ MORE

How Long After a Rhinoplasty Should I Have a Turbinate Reduction?

I'm 7 month out from my rhinoplasty surgery and I have had the WORST time breathing/smelling. I've been told by 4 different ENTs that I have an enlarged turbinate on my right... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix Nostril Retraction, Crooked Tip, and Uneven Nostrils? (photo)

I'm close to 9 months out from my primary rhino and I have had a terrible time breathing and have been severely depressed because I look like the pics above on top of it all. I... READ MORE

Can Breathing Problems Arise if a Nose is Shortened Too Much?

I'm 8 month's (closing in on 9) post op from my primary rhino. I've had a terrbile time breathing since I had the surgery. I noticed if I pull my nose out from the tip to... READ MORE

Why is there a diamond shape on the bridge of my nose after rhinoplasty?

There is a diamond shape on the bridge of my nose. I'm 10 months post op. Is this just something that can happen or is it a sign of collapse? READ MORE

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Suggestions for Tennessee or Alabama Area

Does anyone have suggestions on someone I should have a consultation with in the states Tennessee or Alabama? I've found so many that do boobs and face lifts and... READ MORE

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What did he do to your nose to help you breathe again? READ COMMENT

Wow, he didn't work on your tip. I didnt want tip work done but.. ta-dah. READ COMMENT

I also notice how my primary doctor gets SO many comments and reviews that are 5 star positive....aaaand no one wants to comment on my post about him because I had TERRIBLE results. His office is still jam packed with people too. It's... READ COMMENT

Excuse me for the LOL, but I could have sworn I was reading my own experiences from this past year. I had WAY too much taken out on my right side. It's completely concave and collapsing to the left side. It looks like a bulge/bump. My... READ COMMENT