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Restylane Under Eyes - San Jose, CA

I was unhappy with the dark circles and sagging skin under my eyes. My doctor recommended trying Restylane to fill the hollows. He states that loss of collagen is the reason for the sagging skin. He is a very skilled injector. He only used a small amount and I am due back in the office in 4 weeks to see where we are and if I need additional treatment. It was been 5 days since I had the... READ MORE

Botox Review for Crow's Feet - San Jose, CA

I had went to the dermatologist because I was unhapppy with the dark circles around my eyes, the deep hollows (sagging) below my eyes, and wrinkles around my eyes. On my first visit I met with an assistant (apparently she is a sales person). She recommended that I try the Ulthera Skin tightening and had told me that if I had the full face and neck treatment ($3600.00) - it would improve the... READ MORE

Ultherapy Side Effects - San Jose, CA

It has been one week since I had total neck and face ultherapy treatment. My dermatologist used a facial numbing creme which I believe helped a lot but at times it was painful. My face was red and tender afterwards. The redness wore off in about an hour. However, it is one week later, and my face is tender to the touch and my cheeks still feel kind of numb. I did not see any improvement in... READ MORE

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I think you misunderstood - no one injected botox under their eyes ... botox was used around sides of eyes where crow's feet exist. Restylane is the filler used under the eyes. READ COMMENT

I was nervous too but it really wasn't that bad. Plus I really trust Dr. Noodleman. He did the filler over 2 office visits over a 6 week period of time - if you add too much filler at once the results could be bad. Could cause... READ COMMENT

It was $600.00 for the syringe. READ COMMENT

Dr. Noodleman - the husband. Both him and his wife own the company. It was a total of what the doctor calls one syringe. But he injected the contents of the syringe over two different visits. I believe the price was $500.00 for the... READ COMMENT

I don't have any before or after pictures. But I am really happy with the results thus far. It's been 11 days now since the initial procedure. I had slight discoloring under my left eye (blushish/green) and puffiness that lasted for... READ COMMENT