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Butt Injections is NOT FDA Approved but I Have Complications from FDA APPROVED Procedures?

I want to have a butt like Jlo or kim k.i have been considering butt injections for over 2years now and i hope the injections work for me if not i don't know what else to do. i do not have fats for BBL neither do i wnat implants and the BBL goes away and implants u will feel them and oh lord i dont want any man asking me why my butty feels that way   So,    i am... READ MORE

how long before my nose looks nice and normal

I recently had rhino 2 weeks and 4 days ago,i have a problem when i smile i look like a witch and i have a running nose as in it feels like i have a cold,i am a singer and it has changed my voice,is it normal? the price was cheaper because i did 2 surgeries.i am healing really slowly,the dr told me swelling will be gone in 2weeks but is still there i need to return to stage any help on how i... READ MORE

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When I Smile I Look Like a Witch and I Did Rhino 3weeks Ago,is That Normal?i Am Black

When i smile i look like a witch i did rhino 3 weeks ago,and my nose keep running like i have a cold and my voice has changed is that normal?i am a singer how long before it... READ MORE

My Nose Has an Odor Like A Bad Smell Inside, I Had Rhino 3weeks Ago

I had surgery 3weeks ago and I have a bad smell/odor from the left nostril.is it Normal?? Ugh I almost spanked my dog for bobo'ing in the house but then I realised its my... READ MORE

Want Butt Aug, But Can't Gain Weight and Don't Want Implants. What Are Other Safe Options?

Hi,i desperately need butt augmentation,i can barely survive getting bigger than 115 pounds meaning no way for me to get fats to use,i already have 400cc selicones in my breast... READ MORE

Are Butt Implants Heavy and Uncomfortable? Does It Feel Real and Does it Jiggle?

I really need butt augmentation,since I have no fats I want to go with butt implants.are they heavy? does it feel funny? i currently wear silicone butt and it's pretty heavy... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Nose?

Hi, I had rhino over 14months ago,I think I was a victim of bad surgery because I had rhino and great aug,everything looks wort than before.my nose has dent/holes on the... READ MORE

Any Pills I Can Take to Gain Weight for Butt Augmentation?

I need butt augmentation,I can't do implants,I want fat transfer and I have little or no fats,I am 110 pounds max and 5"3 little or no butt and I want a nicki minaj size.what... READ MORE

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No,my nose still looks as bad as the 3weeks post op pics,looks bad on pictures,it's droopy,it has the dents and all I need to fix this READ COMMENT