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Not Happy - Houston, TX

Had my second nose job with him (first one done by someone else) I thought we were on the same page I brought in pictures of altrered images of myself and of celbs to help. He only broke my nose theres no changes what so ever only thing it looks way bigger than what it was so over all im very unhappy READ MORE

NOT Happy - Houston, TX

I had my first rhinoplasty with dr.perry, I thought we were on the same page but obviously not, He promised me if I wasnt happy we would do a revision. The plan was to bring in the bridge and remve the bump, and reduce the tip, a year later my nose looks only 1centimeter smaller in the tip area I still have a bump and still sticks out alot. I was so unhappy about it and I told him my concerns... READ MORE

Lip Injections - Houston, TX

I had juvederm injected 3 times and I love my lips they look "naturaly full" now my next proceedure will be breast augmentation (aug) READ MORE

Questions from missponce

Nose Tip Is Numb And Drooping 2 Months Post-Op, Should I Have Concerns?

Its been 2 months post op rhinoplasty, my nose used to have a small hump witha very big fat bulbous tip. now the hump is a little gone , I can see it a little from certain... READ MORE

Should I Trust my Plastic Surgeon, for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Its about to be a whole year so, the time has come , Im still not happy with my nose it still projects out the same as it did before, My PS made the bulbous tip smaller but its... READ MORE

How Should I Explain To My Doctor That I Don't Want My Nose To Project Out As Much? I Want Us To Be On The Same Page. (photo)

This would be my 2nd nose job, I dont want it to project out as much and I would like little tip work, My question is what would be the right term to use so my PS & I can... READ MORE

5 Months After Revision Rhinoplasty (Swelling or Cartilage)?

Im 5 months post op im still unhapy, the top of my nose is feeling normal again however the2/3 of my nose more than half of it is still very stiff the 2/3 of nose looks a... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty (6 Months Post Op)?

6 months post op im so depressed! my nose is not looking smaller nor slimmer I have thick skinned and this is my second nose job he broke the bones to bring it in, and reduced... READ MORE

How Can a Polly beak Be Fixed?

This is my second nose job and Im sure ive got a pollybeak, Im going to see my doctor next month for my 9 month post op, he said we'll see what we can do then but for now he... READ MORE

Discussions started by missponce

How to Choose the Right Doc, for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have an ethnic nose, which was reduced very slightly, my concerns are my breathing, projection & droopy tip still a bit boulbus. Ive seen a few doctors but not sure who... READ MORE

Recent comments from missponce

I am I had a revision 8 months ago and now im developing a pollybeak so now im looking for other more experienced doctors, Do you know of any? READ COMMENT

I would definetly recommend go to a Rhinoplasty specialist not one that does all kinds of surgeries, I had a consultation with dr.funk,dr siegel, and dr. kridell (the best) but super booked all the time. I made the mistake of going to... READ COMMENT