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My surgeon advised me to use neosporin rather than polysporin. Polysporin is made up of several antibiotics and often people are allergic to one of them. Neosporin is composed of a single antibiotic and is better tolerated. READ COMMENT

These openings under the breasts are sooo common! It terrified me, too, but reading posts here really helped me a lot. Also, it is not surprising for one breast to be different from the other to some extent. My right breast not only... READ COMMENT

My right breast was deep purple, almost black after surgery ... for ages. It was very slow to be absorbed, but now it looks like the left (6 months out) READ COMMENT

I looked all over and ended up purchasing from Wal-Mart. They are very simple "T-shirt" bras that hook in the front. They look and feel great. I'm not sure if they are called sports bras, although I think I did a search for sports... READ COMMENT

Hi, pinkbubble2012! I have come to believe ... both from my own experience and the experiences of others whom I have either read or talked to ... that plastic surgeons just don't give us enough information before surgery!!! When I... READ COMMENT