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Rhinoplasty Recommendations for the Bottom Half of my Nose? (photo)

I'm a 28 white female. Honestly was considering the lip lift for quite sometime but decided against it due to scarring. Currently undergoing braces to move my lower bite so... READ MORE

Translation for a Rhinoplasty Recommendation..."dorsum" & "Suprstip?

Recommendation I received for my rhinoplasty except I don't fully understand... "lower ever so slightly your dorsum to achieve a slight "suprstip" dip" READ MORE

What Can I Take While on Accutane?

I know the basics; no multi-vitamin, no fish oil. My dermatologist just said to be safe don't take anything, but this is not good enough for me. Can I get botox injections?... READ MORE

Has Anyone Had a Lip Suspension by Dr Eser Yuksel? For the Medical Professionals What's Your Opinion?

I am dead set against scars, I have bad ones from my BA. So if there is any hope of a procedure that will lift my lip I have to know. I have posted pictures before and I am... READ MORE

My Dermatologist Said NO Vit E, B, D3, Fish Oil or Flaxseed Oil While I Am on Accutane, What is Your Opinion?

1st was successful 40mg for 4 months. 2nd round 40mg I hope to do 5 months. My complaint from my first round is I feel as though I have aged... does that make sense? New... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait After Accutane to Have Chin Aug with Filler?

I haven't decided on filler type; that is another question entirely. First, I am trying to decide how long after I stop treatment that I can have this done. (40mg for 5 months... READ MORE

Why Can't I Find Extensive Information Or Dr's Who Perform The Lip Suspension?

This is when the suture is inserted inside the nose, loops down through the muscle in the lip, ends back inside the nose; much like a U shape. This method seems to be... READ MORE

Post 2nd chin implant surgery and still not happy. Is it too big? Genioplasty instead? (photos)

Jaw line no longer seems defined and a bump on the right side along my jaw. I may have had an asymmetrical jaw bone which wasn't noticeable until the implant was placed on top... READ MORE

While on isotretinoin or Accutane [20 mg a day] can I still have certain procedures done: Ultherapy? Sclerotherapy? Restylane?

Currently on isotretinoin 20 mg a day for the 3rd time and I have been planning on getting certain things treated for yrs. I am wondering if there really is any harm in having... READ MORE

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Gabby17 please post or send me some pictures if you can. I have a consult with Dr Haworth but I'm so nervous. Afraid of scarring or messing up my perfect nose. READ COMMENT

I'm in the same boat as missmila. In traveling to LA to see Dr Haworth who uses the muscle hemming technique. Please let me know if this was the Dr you went too!! Hugs READ COMMENT

I am so sorry! I have bad scars around my areoles from my breast implants. The scare of scaring is what's been making me put off a lip lift for so long. I was thinking of going to Dr Haworth who performs the lip hemming. Please fill me... READ COMMENT

How was your scarring? I'm considering Dr Haworth as well but I've been concerned that the lip hemming might cause more of a scar. Some of his patients don't look like they healed as nicely as those who had skin only removed. Cristinap... READ COMMENT

Steph91 I have the same issue with my upper lip curling under. The distance between my lip and nose is 15mm which doesn't bother me until I smile then all you see is the distance. Your scar looks so awesome. I've been considering going... READ COMMENT