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58 and Looking Great!!! - Dix Hills, NY

I have been visiting Dr Romero for several years and am so glad to have found him!!! He has the eye of an artist, a professional, kind manner and is an expert in the latest products and techniques necessary to enhance ones appearance. I have NEVER been disappointed and always leave feeling beautiful, confident and refreshed! THANK YOU Dr Romero!!! READ MORE

Questions from Missy56

Neck Lift to Correct Platysma Band, 4 Years Later Submental Platysmaplasty Resulted in Horrible Double Chin? (photo)

Had a necklift to correct platysma band which slightly helped... 4 years later it still bothered me and doctor suggested submental platysmaplasty which resulted in a HORRIBLE... READ MORE

Is This Normal After Submental Platysmaplasty? (photo)

9 weeks out... Normal?... Will redraping be possible? READ MORE

Had Radiesse to naso-labial. In your opinion should I wait or is it time for more injections? (photos)

Time for more radiesse in naso-labial....? Sculptra ? Thanks.... I LOVE my doctor, trust and value his opinion and will be seeing him soon... just curious what others think READ MORE

filler to cheek area, and rather than Radiesse, should I choose Voluma? (Photo)

Had radiesse injected into cheeks for several years and last year decided to have fat transfer to what I guess is the tear trough, upper cheek area... I LoVE the result but... READ MORE

Scheduled for Voluma injections.... any idea on how much I would require judging from the pics? (photos)

Hello.... I am very interested in Voluma and scheduled for it... reading many different postings as to how much is rquired for correction... i am schedule at the moment for 1... READ MORE

Can Juvederm & Voluma be used to fill in the temple area?

Lots of questions but cannot find anywhere on this site or any other whether it is ok to use Voluma in the temple area? READ MORE

How much Voluma to cheeks and would Zygoma area be the area that needs some lift? Would Voluma Lift my mouth corners? (photo)

Was being very conservative with Voluma after I last posted.....All in all probably have 3 syringes or less as they were split.... and that has been since I last posted in 2014... READ MORE

I have seen 3 doctors to fix this area. Nobody seems to get it right and I still have this area that concerns me. (Photo)

First noticed this about a year ago after injected with juvederm in smile line... months later... saw dr for this area and he ended up injected more juvederm in smile line ...... READ MORE

Best filler for oral commissure? (Photo)

So I have gotten 2 answers for my prior question regarding oral commissures.... Forgot to ask what filler would be the best for this area?.... Last injector used Restylane Silk... READ MORE

Just curious as to why there seem to be so many differing doctor's opinions on post Juvederm, bumps or lumpiness?

Differing doctor opinions of post Juvederm lumpiness and bumps.....just curious as to why there seem to be somany differing doctor's opinions on post Juvederm, bumps or... READ MORE

Still not fixed and maybe worse. What can I do? (Photo)

Why can't this be eliminated... am at a loss and if there ae any local "expert injectors" in the Long Island area that know what to do... please contact me on here and I will... READ MORE

Recent comments from Missy56

Thank you everyone... READ COMMENT

Thank you to everyone for all the nice compliments...As to what I have done I would say that first thing is sunscreen everyday and I began experimenting with the filler Radiesse and Botox around 6 years ago with another doctor. I would... READ COMMENT

You will be extremely pleased!! He is caring, professional, knowledgeable and an artist!... When I see some of the problems people have experienced on this board with various fillers... I am always confident that I can put my total... READ COMMENT

It was not costly and they LOVEd it... READ COMMENT

Your eyes look beautiful and i am NOT surprised!!! .. The doctor is an expert and an artist....after reading your post.... I called today... never went on a Saturday so was not sure they even had hours...I was not sure whether I needed... READ COMMENT