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Is It Possible to Make Lateral Osteotomies Again to Reduce the Width? (photo)

About 3 years ago I had a septoplasty. 14.5 months ago, a rhinoplasty. The bridge was reduced in height and lateral osteotomies were done. It seems the bridge was too much... READ MORE

Genioplasty: vertical and horizontal augmentation vs labiomental fold deepness?

Im considering genioplasty. It seems that with vertical augmentation the labiomental fold deepness decreases; while with horizontal augmentation the fold gets deeper. If the... READ MORE

Life long lasting procedure: +- 4 mm genioplasty vs smallest anatomic/contour chin implant? (photo)

Im a male, 27 years old, and have a very mildly weak chin and jawline that I wish were stronger. Drawing a vertical line from the lower lip my chin is 4-5 mm behind. I ve... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel the edges of a small/medium anatomic chin implant if you are looking for them? (photos)

I want a better profile. A PS I consulted with said a small anatomic chin implant will 100% visually blend in, however he meant I should be realistic it is an implant and... READ MORE

Size of submental incision needed for a small anatomic chin implant?

I have recently visited a P.S and he mentioned he needed a THREE CM (=1.18 INCH) incision to insert a small anatomic chin implant. IsnĀ“t this too big for a SMALL chin implant? READ MORE

Will 5mm chin implant produce 5mm augmentation and 5mm deeper sulcus? Do the soft tissues thin out? Size recomendation? (Photo)

Greetings. I am a 28 Y.O, 6 feet tall. The surgeon gave 2 size recomendations. The SMALL (0.43 mm) and the MED (0.5 mm). This difference is noticeable?  Droping a vertical... READ MORE

Actual augmentation of 5 mm Implantech Conform Extended chin implant after swelling subsides?

Will I get 5 mm projection from that implant? I need 4 mm projection and 2 mm height. My chin ends 5 mm behind lower lip to be exact. READ MORE

Is it possible to make boney nose narrower when lateral bones already touch at the top of the pyramid? (No open roof)

And if that is not possible; can you still make the base of the upper boney nose narrower by modifying the tilt of the bones -sidewalls-? Would this have any impact on bridge... READ MORE

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Hi was the incision intraoral? READ COMMENT

You could have gone bigger but even with the small the difference is very noticeable. You look a lot better. Do you feel the implant through the gums? I have the small anatomic implantec and feel it through one side but the surgeon said... READ COMMENT

I had a chin implant yesterday. I didnt have any bruising and not a lot of swelling. I havent any numbness and I already dont have barely any pain; but I do feel it and its slightly uncomfortable. I would really like not to feel it at... READ COMMENT

What size chin implant did you get? It looks 100% natural READ COMMENT

Did you have an intraoral incision or submental? Could you clarify? Thanks! READ COMMENT