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Im so exicted I could just scream...and I did alot in my car on the way to work when I made my appt for my TT/lipo. Its in 26 days and counting! Anyone have any words of encouragement. Good experiences? I dont think I can read any more horrible experiences at this point. SO i know this is a stupid question...but how do you pee with the garment have to take it on and off... READ MORE

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Hey girly, you look awesome, and TAN, Im super jellin. I need to tan my white ars, its kinda scary ;P We had our surgeries around the same time, Ill be 6wks post op on monday and I feel freakin great. I am back to hitting the gym again... READ COMMENT

Woman, you frakin keeel me. Your last post was funny sheet, I almost cut the hell out of my binder too, it was all gappy on the top and annoying the crap out of me. Im soooo happy I dont have to wear mine anymore....seeewww how you been... READ COMMENT

Your abs are I cant wait till i can really push my abs, Im only 6wks here on monday so I just got back into the gym full force last friday :) Workin on it!!! READ COMMENT

Dayum got a smokin bod, I bet you look hot in a kini? So are you using any kind of scar treatment, I spoke to my doc here on tuesday and asked him about suggestions on scar treatment and he told me...TIME! He said that its... READ COMMENT

TEll em about it, this is jus motivation for me. Im full force at the gym now and I feel freakin awesome. I will be 6wks on monday and I feel like I have come so far jus in the past week. Im even doin some core exercises, nothing major... READ COMMENT