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Should I Have Restylane Filler for my Upper Eyelid After Asymmetry from Blepharoplasty for Lash Ptosis

Hello, In 08/09 , I had a blepharoplasty done on both of my upper eyelids because I was experiencing discomfort from the eyelashes rubbing against my eye, and also because they... READ MORE

How to Fix my Asymmetry After Blepharoplasty? Please Help

Hello I have had asymmetry in my eyelids for two years. In 2009, I had a blepharoplasty operation to repair lash ptosis. The results returned my left eye back to normal shape,... READ MORE

Serious Asymmetry in Upper Eyelids After Blepharoplasty for Lash Ptosis. How to Repair?

Hello, I had a blepharoplasty operation on my two upper eyelids due to lash ptosis (my eyelashes were rubbing against my eye). After the operation my left eye (Left eye on... READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision Upper Blepharoplasty to Fix Asymmetry from High Incision?

Hi, I had a blepharoplasty of both eyelids two years ago to help deal with lash ptosis. However, after the healing and swelling subsided (post 1 year), the crease on my right... READ MORE

Crease Too High 2 Years After Blepharoplasty. What Can I Do?

Hi, I have had a blepharoplasty for lash ptosis 2 years ago. The crease or incision on my right eye was made 3 mm higher than the left. Now the bridge area or skin under my... READ MORE

Is my Eyelid Hopeless or is There a Chance for Eyelid Revision?

I had an upper blepharoplasty in both eyelids in 2009 to fix my lash ptosis. The operation went well and the problem was fixed. My left eyelid returned to normal, however my... READ MORE

How Long Does Restylane Last in Upper Eyelids?

Hello, I had Restylane injected in my upper eyelids in May of 2011, however it still seems that there is a small amount of "bumpage" in the areas it was injected, and when I... READ MORE

Was I Overcorrected in my Lasik Operation?

I had Lasik surgery three days ago and my vision is currently good in the left eye, but the right eye goes in and out of blurriness. I also have a heavy head feeling and am... READ MORE