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Breast Lift Using Horndeski Method LOVE 'EM! - Sugar Land, TX

I can't believe I actually did this. I have been thinking about it for about 4-5 years before taking the plunge. Six years of breastfeeding left it's toll. I liked the size of my breasts in a bra but they were just very droopy naked. The questions was: do I dislike them enough to opt for surgery and either deal with vertical scar of a traditional breast lift or the perkier fuller option with... READ MORE

So Glad This is Possible Now - San Antonio, TX

I was born with red spots over my lower left arm, chest and neck. Ten years ago I first tried to had them treated with a laser and it didn't have any significant impact. It was very disappointing. So when I scheduled to try again a couple of months ago I tried to prepare myself for disappointment. I actually had a consult with a local plastic surgeon for this procedure first... READ MORE

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Yes super expensive! I no longer use it. The Scar Gel by Body Merry fades the scars much more effectively for me and it's only $24 for 1.7 oz. But you know how crucial scars seem in the beginning so I splurged on that in the early days... READ COMMENT

It's the scar lotion by Body Merry READ COMMENT

I've really come to like this stuff. Dirt cheap and more like a moisturizer so it's easy to use for massaging the scars. It does a fabulous job for me in fading them: READ COMMENT

I think the shape silhouette she got is fantastic and the scars will fade. Like you say you'd have to get implants to get similar shape to what you can achieve with this lift. Not everybody is willing to deal with the downsides of... READ COMMENT

Thank you. I wish I was better prepared for the first few months of recovery. I had no idea about how the limitations would impact me for so long. READ COMMENT