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Post Brow Lift and Upper and Lower Eye Lift Surgery: Left with Upper Lid Hooding

One eyebrow drops down into the lid area, unlike before surgery. I was hoping a brow lift would raise the brows and upper lids and open up the eye are to a more awake... READ MORE

Why Did This Happen to my Eyes and Crease in Side of Face After Cosmetic Surgery?

I had a face lift, upper and lower eye lift, brow lift. I was left with "one eyebrow, hanging over my top lid, furrows between the brows, and one eye looking much smaller... READ MORE

Should a Patient with Botched Surgical Results, Be Required to Pay for a Revision Surgeon?

Should a patient with botched plastic eye and brow lift be required to repay the surgeon for a revision? READ MORE

How Can I Correct This Naseolabial Fold Problem on One Side of my Face?

2 months ago I had 4 qaud eye lift, brow lift, full facelift and lipo of the neck. I had some nasolabial folds before surgery, and the doctor assured me these procedures would... READ MORE

What Went Wrong with my Brow Lift and Upper and Lower Lift to Cause Such Problems? Dr. Refuses to Acknowledge the Problems.

I had both upper and lower eye lid surgery done and brow lift 3 months ago. I am now left with indentations over each brow, along with furrows between the eyes(had furrows... READ MORE

What is Lower Eyelid Malposition and Can It Be Fixed?

I had a brow lift and upper and lower eye lift. I would like to know what is lower eyelid malposition, and can it be fixed by surgery? How can one be left with such a condition... READ MORE

6 Months Post-Op Brow Lift, Smoothed Forehead Wrinkles, Left Deep Furrows Between Brows, Normal?

I had a brow lift and upper and lower eye lift 6 months ago. the brow lift only smoothed some forehead wrinkles and left a humped area between the brows along with deep... READ MORE

What Type of Brow Lift Will Rid of Transverse Lines and Horizontal Lines Between Eyes, Lift Brows and Upper Lids?

I had a temperol brow lift, I believe as there is one incision in each temperol area inside the hair line. what will this technique accomplish? It did not get rid of my lines,... READ MORE

Is Steroid Medication Given for Swelling and Pain from a Coronal Brow Lift?

I need to know the best medication possible to be used for this cut swelling and pain. READ MORE

How Can One Take Decadron Post Op , when One Has Adrenal Insufficiency and Regularly Takes Hydrocortisone?

I will be taking dexamethasone post op for face lift and coronal brow lift. i have adrenal insufficiency and regularly take hydrocortisone 4x/day in physiological doses. how... READ MORE

What Types of Medication Are Routinely Given for Swelling and Pain After a Brow Lift and Full Eye,face and Neck Lift?

I have seen many sites where doctors have routinely prescribed NSAIDs for this. Is this a good option? Are there any severe risks associated with it? I have had experience with... READ MORE

Can One Safely Take Fish Oil and EFA Pre and Post Op Facelift?

I am having a facelift. how might EFA impact on my health and if any, on my surgery and post op recovery? READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Say to Expect Feeling Depressed After a Full Face and Brow Lift?

I had a face lift in the past, and felt for the most part, just fine. I had absolutely no depression or mood changes. However, some docs are not telling me it is normal to... READ MORE

Is HRT Safe During and Before a Full Face Lift?

My present physician , to my surprise, told me i must be entirely off all hrt for both 2 weeks post and pre op to achieve significant results. i have not heard this before... READ MORE

Can a Coronal Brow Lift and Lower Eye Lift Change the Position of the Cheeks and Temporal Area?

Does a lower eye lift raise the lower existing skin below the eye? can it change the shape of the eyes or lift the outer ends? working at the coronal incision laterally down to... READ MORE

Why Does One Typically Have to Stay Overnight After a Face and Neck Lift?

Why Does One Typically Have to Stay Overnight After a Face and Neck Lift? READ MORE

How Long Does One Typically Have to Wait After a Coronal Brow to Have Other Surgical Procedures

How Long Does One Typically Have to Wait After a Coronal Brow to Have Other Surgical Procedures READ MORE

What Surgical and Other Procedures Can Help Soften and Firm Naseolabial Folds?

What Surgical and Other Procedures Can Help Soften and Firm Naseolabial Folds? READ MORE

Can Excess Skin Be Removed to Tighten Area when Doing a Lower Eye Lift?

Can excess skin be removed and remaining skin lifted up and under the eye? can the outer corners of the eyes be lifted for "sad eyes"? How is this done? if one has an... READ MORE

Is It Typical to Have a Bad Headache After a Coronal Brow Lift?

If so, how long can it be expected to last, and what can be done for it? are sutures preferred over staples for this kind of lift? if so, what are the advantages or disadvantages? READ MORE

When Doing a Coronal Brow Lift, What Areas of the Temperol Mid and Lower Face Can Be Manipulated Via This Route?

My surgeon told me I may not need a revision face lift as he thinks the coronal lift will cause my face to shift and rearrange itself to address areas of concern(from prior... READ MORE

Can i replace my exisiting 30 year old chin implant with a new one at the same time?

I think it would be very traumatic to have to wait to replace an existing implant with a new one. i have tried fillers, but they do not last, and can be quite costly in the... READ MORE

What is a Sliding Genioplasty and Can It Be Performed Immediately After a Chin Implant from 30 Years Ago is Removed?

Also, i would like to know the average cost for a sliding genioplasty in sf bay area, including all fees. are there side effects to this procedure? i want the center and sides... READ MORE

What Types of Chin Implants Are Being Used Today, and Which Would Be the Most Highly Recommended and Why?

Can an old chin implant be removed and the remaining scar tissue left in place and a new implant put in, or must the remaining scar tissue have to be removed and why? can this... READ MORE

I Had a Full Face,neck and Coronal Brow Lift 7 Months Ago. If I Lost 5-10 Lbs, Would This Weaken my Face Lift?

I am in my 60's and had the procedure above. I would like to know if i lost 10 lbs, would my face lift and muscles and skin weaken and start to sag, bag and wrinkle? I had a... READ MORE

I Was Told a Sliding Genioplasty Might Be Preferred over Another Chin Implant, As Remaining Pocket May Have Shifted?

Is the remaining pocket left from a previous implant a potential problem during reimplant to cause ip to shift and cause problems? When is a sliding genio preferred? What are... READ MORE

Can a New Chin Implant Be Placed in the Same Pocket a Previous Implant Moved, Became Infected and Pertruded out the Skin?

A previous im(above) was removed and a new one placed a year later, leaving the old scar tissue sitting atop or in the middle of the new im( that was shaped into a "u" and sewn... READ MORE

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I thought your first implant looked very good on you and showed off your cheekbones and lips. i would be careful not to do too much, as you could have more problems, or find more things you are unhappy about...and be un able to repair ... READ COMMENT

I think you are very lucky! you look great! READ COMMENT

I would appreciate a list of plastic surgeons in the dublin,danvile, san ramon and walnut creek area of california with their respective reviews. thanks. msmimi in sf READ COMMENT