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Overfilled Sculptra: How Long Before I Can Begin Getting a Top-Up?

I looked so lovely after 7 vials - a year later I fussed about a jowl so the doctor did an 8th vial over my cheekbones to lift the jowl. It made my cheekbones bigger and broad... READ MORE

How Long Before Sculptra Dissipates Completely?

Hi, 5 vials Nov/Apr 2008/09 & 2 vials Aug 2009 gave a wonderful result. 1 extra vial(8th)in Oct 2010 in cheekbones to raise a jowl ruined my face with over-large broad... READ MORE

How to Deal with One Area of Sculptra Dissipating Before the Rest

Sculptra 2.5 years ago - now dissipating. One vial into cheekbones 6 months ago to raise a jowl - but made cheekbones too big and created hollows. Now cheekbones look even... READ MORE

Is Another Vial After 14 Months a Top Up or Will It Add Volume?

Is another vial to cheekbones after 14 months a top up to maintain previous level or will it add extra volume? Thank you. READ MORE

Can You Go Backwards with Sculptra?

My face looked great after 7 vials - but worse after 8. How can I get back to the lesser but much nicer previous effect ? Thanks. READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Sculptra Springing Back to This Effect in Future?

I hear that sculptra only needs a top up to spring back to it's previous effect. I was over-filled. How long do I have to wait to make sure it's all gone so that I can... READ MORE

Can I Get Rid of Sculptra with Sunshine?

A year after sculptra and my cheekbones are still too big. If I go out in the sun leaving the cheekbones unprotected will they go down more quickly? Thank you. READ MORE

I Had Too Much Sculptra a Year Ago

It is now 10 months since my last sculptra and I hate the over-filled result. I have been worried by 2 doctors on this site saying that the result can be permanent. And a third... READ MORE

Sculptra - How Long For Results In Cheeks To Fade?

One year ago I had a vial of sculptra put into my cheekbones (which already had sculptra in). Realistically, how long does it take for the volume gained from half a vial of... READ MORE

How Long Will The Effects Of Sculptra And Collagen Show On My Face?

I understand that sculptra material dissipates after a while but the collagen produced remains. 1. Has anyone measured whether the face actually does go back to where it was... READ MORE

Why Do Doctors Differ over Longevity Of Sculptra?

1. Why do some doctors say that the effect of sculptra can last 5 years without top-up, while other say it lasts 2-3 years and needs annual or bi-annual top-ups? 2. Why would... READ MORE

How Long For Sculptra Lump To Go Down?

Does a lump of collagen on the skin surface produced by sculptra go down more slowly than the rest of the collagen in your face or will it go down at the same time? Thank you. READ MORE

Is it True that Sculptra Causes Natural Formation of Collagen? What if too much was Injected?

If the collagen formed by sculptra is just normal bodily collagen, why would it go down in 2 or 3 years? I had too much sculptra which altered my face shape and I'm worried... READ MORE