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Does anyone knows good rhinoplasty specialist in Mexico ?

I am getting ready to do rhinoplasty this early summer. I went to see few Dr.s here in NW WA and I was told my nose is little complicated, because I had previouse injury. I... READ MORE

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Because before she didn't has a pictures and after she post her pictures I couldn't see a big deal. I just believed her without the picture right inthe begining. Is it make any sence to you. Look above all my messages. I said right... READ COMMENT

So, as I understood I have to be a lier to look positive. Correct ? Wow, I guess I learn more every day about american culture. If she is happy with her result why place a pictures for opinions ? P.S. in my opinion this is what... READ COMMENT

Well, I don't know what she tried to achieve but I just look one more time and I did see difference from the site but the front looks to me still the same. May be she didn't want to change all look, that's why I do not see a lot of... READ COMMENT

I am very sorry but I am confused which pictures BEFORE and AFTER ? If all this pictures is after. I do not want sound rude but just honest. I do not see any good result. READ COMMENT

Sorry, are you trying to say it didn't past your test ? READ COMMENT