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My New Chin

After yrs of hating my profile I finally got a chin implant and submental lipo on 12/1/11, one wk ago today. I am referring to myself as "SpongeBob Square Face". I have been very swollen, and even though it has gone down considerably, it still feels very swollen and uncomfortable. Wearing the chin strap is tolerable, but I appreciate the relief when taking it off for... READ MORE

Questions from Dazey

Chin Implant or Ortho?

I have been distressed about my profile for decades. Now that I am ready to do something about it I want to fix it right. My chin is recessed behind my bottom teeth & my... READ MORE

Is there a difference in Shape of Chin Implant between Medpor and Implantech?

In terms of shape, does a Medpor chin implant differ greatly from an Implantech extended anatomical? I think an Implantech would give me a more feminine contour, but my PS... READ MORE

Up/down Pulse and Hypertension, Would General Anesthesia or Local with Sedation be Safe for me While Getting Chin Implant?

A holtor monitor showed my heart rate rises into the high 140s and falls into the low 40s throughout the course of the day. My cardiologist said that my heart was fine after a... READ MORE

Is It Ok That my Frenulum is Gone After IntraOral Chin Implant?

I was wondering if the fact that my lower lip frenulum is gone after having a chin implant placed intraorally accounts for the problems I have with chewing, speaking and... READ MORE

How to Correct a Deep Nasofrontal Angle on a Female? (photo)

When a nasofrontal angle in a female is too deep, and it appears that the glabella area is too projected, what type of procedure would bring about a good result? READ MORE

More Info on Excising Currogator Muscle Please?

I love the effect botox has on my 11s, but I don't love that it is only temporary. Any details regarding corrugator myectomy (not a full brow lift) would be appreciated, i... READ MORE

Can Problems with a Chin Implant Cause Lumps on the Tongue?

I had submental lipo and a medpor chin implant inserted intra-orally about two yrs ago. Since then, and rarely if ever before, I have been getting painful lumps on my tongue. I... READ MORE

Can you have projection from the side but not bulk in the front with chin implant? (photos)

I had a medpor chin implant inserted about 3 years ago. I like how it looks from the side, but from the front it appears masculine and bulky. Was it necessary to fit me with... READ MORE

Recent comments from Dazey

I truly cannot believe how fast time goes. I know that I haven't updated with a photo, but to be honest that is because I have extra weight on, not because of the implant. I would have thought by now that I would no longer feel... READ COMMENT

Dear... you have to stop worrying about improving your face and start working on improving your self-confidence. While you may not have achieved perfection I would say you have received improvement on your nose, and you are still only... READ COMMENT

I never really had an issue with my chin looking crooked, but in my first week my face was looking really square, so maybe I was too swollen to even tell. I am happy to be able to assure you that my face no longer looks square. At one... READ COMMENT

Hi there... before my surgery I too looked for as much info as possible to calm my nerves before surgery. That is why I am posting about my experience. I'm trying to think of the best things to tell you since for me it is behind and... READ COMMENT

Nice result! READ COMMENT