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2 Weeks Post Fat Graft: Should I Be Worried About Uneven Cheeks?

It has been 2 weeks since my cheeks have been fat grafted and I still look like two different people on each side. I have been hiding one side with my hair and people can... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Fix Assymmetrical Cheeks After Fat Transfer?

I had a fat transfer to my cheeks and have been having issues ever since. It has been 3 months and one cheek is still higher and more pronounced than the other side, especially... READ MORE

How to Reverse a Fat Transfer to Cheeks? (photo)

I had a fat transfer to my cheeks 9 months ago and regret it. It is uneven and makes me look gaunt. When I smile the unevenness is more noticeable. What are my options? Thanks!... READ MORE

Can I Get my Under Eye Filled if my Skin is Sensitive?

I had my nasolabial folds filled with restylane, and the poke marks turned into small scars. It also has been a few months and every once in a while my nasolabial folds itch... READ MORE

It's Been over a Year and I Want to Remove Fat Transfer from Cheeks. What is my Best Option?

My cheeks are overfilled from a fat transfer. I originally went to my ps, but it seems that he is not comfortable removing fat..only adding. Therefore, what is my best option,... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty: If I Get my Tip Lowered Will It Widen It?

I had a rhinoplasty and feel that the tip is too narrow. It's not quite what I would call pinched, but my nostils look too big now. I was thinking about getting the tip... READ MORE

I Had 10cc of Fat Put into Each of my Cheeks over a Year Ago, and It is Still Overinflated. What Should I Do?

I am only 30 years old, so I think my PS put in too much. I do not want to back to him to fix this. The asymmetry of my cheeks is noticeable, and right under my cheeks, the... READ MORE

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Doctor Recommendation for Undereye Filler in San Jose

I am looking for a doctor that does under eye filler in san jose. Any recommendations? READ MORE

Recommendation of Doctor That Can Slightly Reversing Fat Grafts to Cheeks in San Jose

Trying to undo a little extra fat from cheeks from a fat transfer that was done over a year ago. READ MORE

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Hello Ettsi, I am also contemplating a chin implant. Do you still regret it or has it straightened out? Who was your doctor? You can email me personally if you are not comfortable saying it publicly. I am also from California. Thanks! READ COMMENT

You remind me of myself. I actually had my surgery and then came home to see my parents after a week of hiding out at my bf's house. My mom was mad at first, but after giving me bad looks for a while she was fine. Took maybe a month til... READ COMMENT

GFGB I didn't realize that Dr. Hoenig isn't correcting fat transfers anymore...I just emailed his website earlier today before I read this post. I am trying to get my fat transfer corrected on the cheeks and nasolabial folds. Do you... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much I am so scared to do it, but have wanted to do it for over a year now. I've read bad and good things on realself, so finding a really good doctor is important. I guess I will go book an appointment soon. I am so nervous! READ COMMENT

I looked up Age Defy Dermatology...who was your doctor and how much did it cost? How much did you have filled? How are your feelings on it now that time has past? READ COMMENT