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Ulthera Experience - New Jersey, NJ

Had it done TODAY 4/10/13 so the 'not sure' rating is the most accurate. Area is lower face: jowls/chin & upper neck. The experience does hurt, but was tolerable. Some spots were almost intolerable though. I had no medication. They told me to take ibuprofen but I forgot- was running late & left the bottle- OOPS! So take note the pain level was without any pain meds. The first... READ MORE

Questions from the_scream

Ultherapy Vs Fraxel for Skin Tightening and Shrinking Pores

Hi, I am mid 40s & have aged pretty well, no wrinkles.BUT I have sagging in the jowl & neck & recently noticed my cheeks have started sagging too,which makes my eye... READ MORE

Is Exilis Effective in Tightening/contouring Upper Arms? (photo)

Im looking to moderatly reduce the size of my upper arms and tighten the skin there. I exersize regularly and am at a good weight, but my thighs and upper arms need some extra... READ MORE

Breasts Augmented, then Fixed, Still Unhappy?

I had alloderm to correct bottoming out and an areola that puckered. Now there is an indented halfcircle scar around my left areola and both nipples point slightly downward. Is... READ MORE

Do Any Drs (Or Patients) Have Info on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Im 46 in NYC and I have Perimeno symptoms. I just skipped my first period (not pregnant). Im very healthy and fit and would like to test my levels and try this if they are... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Cause Natural Face Volume Loss (Not from Fat Graft or Fillers, but Natural Fat)?

I'm considering ulthera for lifting my jowl area, upper & lower cheeks. I have good volume but some sagging.I don't want to lose my natural cheek volume, is this a danger?... READ MORE

Has Anyone Heard of I -Brite, an Eye Whitening Procedure? Is It Safe?

A Dr in La peels the conjunctive off the eye, and it grows back within the day. Veins and spots are history. Has anyone heard of it? Are any other drs doing it other than him?... READ MORE

Filling lower eye hollows using the blunt cannula to minimize risk of nicking a vessel?

Im 47 and had filler under my eyes twice.The first result was ok but didn't last very long. The second time the same Dr ( who is an oculoplastic surgeon) nicked a vessel and I... READ MORE

Looking to fill hollows under eyes in NY, NJ, or CT

I had eye hollows filled but had a vessel nicked.Result was a black eye & worry about blindness in future treatments.Not open to surgery & have no wrinkles,festoons,etc.I know... READ MORE

Looking to fill eye hollows ( NOT TEAR TROUGH) without surgery,blunt cannula ONLY. (photo)

I have hollowing all around my deep set eyes &my upper eyelid under my brow is starting to sag.Ihave had filler under eye before but it wasn't enough and didn't last. Another... READ MORE

Deep set eyes, prominent brow, upper eyelids starting to droop? (Photo)

My eyes have always been deep set &prominent brow-boned.With age, theyve gotten hollow & the skin between my brow&upper eyelid is starting to sag.Theres a heaviness in the... READ MORE

Looking for drs/practices specifically in CT, NY or NJ offering Vanquish or Sculpsure techniques and their comparison of them.

Im researching vanquish & sculpsure for disproportionate thighs (was told coolsculpting wouldn't be right for me) I can't seem to find any doctors in CT offering either!... READ MORE

Recent comments from the_scream

* minimal results overall meaning with the first PS. READ COMMENT

I hope real self does more of these with you! Very much appreciated. Sometimes I think the reviews on some doctors and products have been solicited ( not by real self) and it's hard to tell the real reviews from the BS ones. PS I have... READ COMMENT

Ps lower face was jowls, under chin, upper neck, lower cheeks. READ COMMENT

Yes, lower face only, in ridge wood NJ. That's the cost for the lower face. I paid a special price (1800) which was the introductory offer. Swelling has gone down, got some nice purply yellow bruises in a couple spots which I've covered... READ COMMENT

Same thing with me with my thighs. who did you go to? Im thinking of saving up for this. Thanks! READ COMMENT