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Queen of bullhorn lip lifts in London - Dr Caroline Mills

Lip Lift

25 Feb 2017, Created 2 days ago

Caroline Mills

5 out of 5 stars

I needed to find a London plastic surgeon who did bullhorn lip lift after a failed vermillion border lip lift in Korea did not shorten my long philtrum. After reading all the lip lift reviews, Miss Caroline Mills came up a lot and I contacted Unveilme and Laa007, previous lip lift patients of hers to check to see if they were still happy months later, ie that it had not drooped back. One said... READ MORE

Best Eyelid Surgeon Turned my 50 Year Old Eyes to 20s - Seoul, KR

Dr Seo of MVP clinic in Seoul, Korea is in my opinion the best eyelid surgeon. Seeing is believing. He did a revision upper eyelid surgery and lid fat grafting from my thighs. Excised my excessive lid skin and wrinkles and plumped up the sunken eyes with fat graft. From 50 to 20 in a day! He offers free eyelid fat graft top up 6 months later. The hollowed and wrinkled eyelid sulcus has... READ MORE

50 looking 20s with fat graft for 1/3 the Price of USA by Dr Ki-Kap Kim of DAPRS Clinic, Korea

I am 50 years old and was exploring fat transfer instead of a facelift as my skin has not sagged enough yet. I contacted Dr Bill Johnson in Dallas, Texas after reading the good reviews of him on this site but was quoted $5,000-$7,000 which although is cheaper than UK prices of £10,000-£12,000, could not beat the quotes I got from a top plastic surgeon in fat transfer, Dr Ki-Kap Kim of DA p... READ MORE

Perfect Chin Reduction by Mr Lucian Ion - United Kingdom, GB

I had this procedure along with an open rhinoplasty which I have reviewed separately. I would rate Mr Ion 5 stars for jaw reshaping/reduction from inside the mouth. No infection. Perfect healing, and the result looked just like the photoshop image of what he showed me he could achieve. No pain. No skin sagging. Much improved side profile when before the jaw protruded out as I had a mandible... READ MORE

4/5 for open rhinoplasty based on 7 months result after postop abscess and reoperation.

The cost of the open rhinoplasty was £7000 or $10,000 and was combined with jaw reshaping so the total was £10,000. I read the great reviews and saw my friend's nose perfected as she had had a hump. When I met with Mr Ion he mentioned his infection rate was 2% and that he would be using my rib cartilage to build up the bridge and tip of my nose. I saw him because my tip had drooped since I h... READ MORE

Questions from MissMayfair

When should surgeon take postop rhino back to theatre for chronic infection? Been on antibiotics for 6 of 7 weeks post (Photo)

I had open rhino 7 weeks ago. A nose abscess developed after week 2 which he I&D'd in his treatment room. The tip has lost some rib cartilage projection. Since the infection I... READ MORE

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Good luck! His consultation fee was £150. I had to wait some months to have the surgery as he was very busy. Ask to have a print out of the morphs he does of your face. I never received mine. READ COMMENT

Thank you @hangininthere! God bless you. READ COMMENT

Hi, there was no pain from the chin surgery or rib graft for the nose. The only discomfort was from mouth breathing after rhinoplasty. I have no idea how much bone was removed but am happy with the results. Mr Ion shows you on his... READ COMMENT

Hi Donnara, it cost £2450 including a £250 consultation fee. READ COMMENT

Have added a day 8 photo of my smile. 100% satisfied with Miss Mills for bullhorn lip lift. READ COMMENT