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It All Comes Back

Had it done for some spider veins on the side of my nose and on my chin. It works every time (it has been already three times now) and the bruises are minimum; but give it two months and the little capillaries are back. I should spend around 300 dollars every couple of months. So, it works but only temporarily. READ MORE

Too Expensive, Lasts Too Little, Too Much Pain - London, GB

Had Macrolane done in England years ago. It was supposed to be almost painless. Well, it was during the procedure, but ohhhhhhhhhh, it was so nicely painful afterwards. I had BA a year ago and was not as much in pain as when i had Macrolane done. Plus, very expensive and i have seen results for less than a year. READ MORE

Retin A for Acne and Age Spots

Me first: oilish skin, with the “at least twice a month” huge pimple and many black heads, age spots and a few wrinkles. Mainly using Retin A to fight age spots and pimples. Started Retin A at the beginning of October. Every night , gel 0.025. Was looking like a teenager with acne for the first two weeks. My skin did break out (as in thousands of under skin bumps, some pimples). Red... READ MORE

Questions from cricricri11

Could General Anesthetic Used During Breast Augmentation Cause Hair to Thin?

Hi, i will have surgery in March. I have experienced over the past year a major thinning of my hairs (I am 40). I am now really scared that general anesthetic could make the... READ MORE

Textured Unders + Massages- Will This Prevent Capsular Contracture?

Hello, been looking around here but I do not seem to find a proper answer to my relatively simple question. >>Does massage /manipulation help against CC when having... READ MORE

Options To Fix Rippling/Wrinkling of Inspira HP Unders?

Hello, i think i have (almost) the perfect combination in order NOT to get rippling , but at three weeks after surgery, it starts to show. I have silicone, dual plane (unders),... READ MORE

Lipofilling to Repair BA Rippling

Hello, I did read that Lipofilling is used a lot for breast reconstruction , but what about fixing rippling after BA? I seem to understand that the procedure is possible,... READ MORE

Hives/rash or Infection 2 Months Post BA? (photo)

Hello,had BA 2 months ago and experiencing just now some weird looking patches (hives) all over + on the sides of my breasts. Was given steroid cream by a dermatologist whom... READ MORE

Compression Bra over Long Terms Okay?

Hi , we all know that it can be somehow beneficial to wear a compression bra after BA, but would it be ok to wear it for longer periods of time (months) , or might it even be... READ MORE

Possible CC or Why Pain? (photo)

Hello,had some pain since around 10days(tightness,tinglings).Had my BA 4 ms ago(text,dual plane,485);after 1 month most pain went away and I did not performed any weird move... READ MORE

Breast Implants + Tattoos + Antibiotics?

Hello, I am aware about the suggestion of taking antibiotics before any dental works, but what about when getting a tattoo done? Would it be a good idea also? Thank you very much. READ MORE

Retin A Gel Cream + Hair Loss?

Hello, I would like to know if Retin A (cream or gel applied on the face area and not the scalp) could cause hair loss, on short or long terms. Also, i did read that the... READ MORE

Lipofilling + Spider Veins? (photo)

Good day, I am planning to perform lipofilling to correct some rippling on my cleavage. I had BA ten months ago and the situation does not seem to improve at all (textured... READ MORE

Permalip + Coldsores?

Hello, would someone whom constantly suffer from coldsores have more episodes when having Permalip implants? (on long terms, not just after the procedure). Also, if taken out,... READ MORE

No Bra Ever?

Hi, i experienced lots of troubles with my skin since my BA (14 months ago). I do find bras very uncomfortable (even sports bra) after a few hours of wearing them. I end up... READ MORE

Bruising left from laser treatment. Should I be worried? (photo)

Hello, had a few spider veins on my face and chest: removed them by laser (not sure which one thou). This is what i am left with . I did read that some lasers can cause... READ MORE

Cannulas or normal needles for Fillers?

Good day, I will start using fillers and i am already full of little spider veins on my face. Which one is better to use to avoid having more : cannulas or normal needles? Is... READ MORE

Retin A vs Differin after capillaries on face from Retin-A.

I did use Retin A years ago and did stop because i did start seeing too many capillaries on my face; I am now wondering if Differin could be a solution. Any ideas? READ MORE

Discussions started by cricricri11

super sensitive skin after BA

Hi everyone , i am two months away from my BA, silicone, high profile, dual plane. I had absolutely no problems (apart from a small rippling which might be soon fixed with fat... READ MORE

Recent comments from cricricri11

GG, happy you are feeling much better. One question: your scars go all the way up quite high. Did he also perform a brow lift? (tried to look through the comments and silly me does not seem to find what exactly he finally did ;))) ).... READ COMMENT

I am DEAD scared of scars and Dominique's ones are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long ;))))). So, yes, please do . Thanks so much . READ COMMENT

You are looking great so far. I would be super interested to see how your scars will be after a few weeks. It would be amazing if you could post some close up pictures when possible . Happy healing :) READ COMMENT

Been wanting to use this cream for a while but it is in a pot, and we all know that everytime you open a pot of cream , it looses its power by mixing with air. So, not sure i want to spend 90 dollars on a simple hydrating cream. I am... READ COMMENT

Hey there, could you be so kind and post some pics of your healed scars? Also, after how long would you say they become "acceptable"??? . Great results thou. I am seeing him for my first appointment in October . READ COMMENT