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Fraxel Laser

I just left the dermatologist after receiving my Fraxel laser. I have to tell you my face is on fire, but tolerable if that makes sense. I numbed for an hour and then the doctor did 3 rounds over each area of my entire face. I hope I get amazing results, I will keep you posted!!! It wasn't the most comfortable laser treatment I've ever received, but hopefully it will be worth it. So,... READ MORE

Jessner Peel Review - New Jersey, NJ

I have done light peels and microdermabrasion many times. I have been unsuccessful getting rid of my melasma, so 5 days ago I went for the Jessner peel. I was told leave it on for 2 days, don't wash my face and then within a few days the peel will start. All I have now is a bunch of breakouts and darker spots!! So far it's caused me more anxiety over the horrible appearance of additional... READ MORE

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That's so great! Definitely keep me posted on your results! I did a facial 2 weeks ago (broke out) and then microdermabrasion and peel this Friday & it's finally looking good rt now (hoping not to break out, I don't want to jinx... READ COMMENT

Hey how's it going? Any good updates with your skin? Mine is acting up again :(((. I got a facial and of course broke out. I'm going back to see what the heck I need to do. Just wish skin looked like JLO!! Ugh she's lucky ;). Hope... READ COMMENT

I had Dual. I will tell you 1 treatment will not do the trick it's 3 and committed if you can do it. I didn't think I would need that much for $1200 a pop so I say sooooo not worth it. I'm opting to do facials with light peels and... READ COMMENT

Hi, sorry for delay in getting back.... it sounds like you may have melasma. That darkening over the lip is a classic sign. Hydroquinone would work for that. You can ask for that in 4%. If you are prone to melasma, you'll have to... READ COMMENT

I'm not sure if my other post commented, but check with both docs to confirm dissolving might be right for you... in the meantime bangs are totally in, Selena and Gigi just cut and if I didn't have such thin hair I wish I could!!! Lol ... READ COMMENT