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Why a Fat Transfer for Eyes?

Fat transfer in general, and fat transfer under the eye in particular, seem so unpredictable and yield so few satisfactory results;so why do it when other less expensive and... READ MORE

What and Which Treatment to Choose?

My question is a general one. With so many different types of laser treatments and fillers out there, and new ones coming out every day, how to decide what to do or choose? One... READ MORE


I want to know of the LightPod a new (?) laser from Aerolase is as good versatile and multitasking as they claim it is? Does anyone have personal experience with it? Thanks... READ MORE

Is Qswitch Safe and Effective? What All Does It Do?

I want to learn about the Qswitch laser treatment, what it can accomplish, how safe it is and if any adverse reactions are reported? READ MORE

10 in 1 Laser? Have You Heard About This Miracle Laser?

Does any one know about this miracle laser? i think its manufactured by 'alma laser' The 10 in 1 PAIN-FREE LASER is here! Safely and permanently treats all skin tones.... READ MORE

What is the Best Skin Tightening Treatment for Minor Jowls on a Thin Face & No Volume Loss?

There are so many laser and other treatments/machines that claim to tighten skin; I wonder which is the best (safest and most effective) among them to achieve this without... READ MORE

What's the best non-surgical procedure to rejuvenate neck which is not flabby or fat? (Photo)

65 years young but my bony neck gives away my age. both vertical and horizontal bands as well as the triangular hollow that forms between the collar bones really bother me :-(... READ MORE

Difference in Results of PRP with/without ECM?

I am trying to find out what is the difference in results between using ECM with or without PRP? Which yields longer term hair growth and maintenance, do the benefits reverse... READ MORE

The best injectables/fillers for the face?

Wondering if there is a consensus among experts as to which fillers are ideal as well as long lasting for: under the eye, marionette lines, cheeks and jowls? READ MORE

Neck lift with a machine called Sorisa based in Spain? (Photo)

There must be an equivalent here in the U.S.? I read that it's very effective for non-invasive neck rejuvenation issues. Would love to hear from physicians any input on the... READ MORE

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How are things now...any update? READ COMMENT

No dark circles are visible in your before picture so you did a terrific job covering them up, but i am not sure i understand what you mean by 'low' cheeks? the lower half of your face has fullness, but isn't that good? i think that it... READ COMMENT

I still don't see where in the description it is, do i need new anyway, i guessed the left is the before. frankly, i hardly think that is too much fat but if it bothers you that's what matters. i hope you are happy once... READ COMMENT

Gosh! scary to read these negative outcomes. this is what keeps me from venturing into any kind kind of procedure. once you are under anesthesia, the doctor can do just about anything he wants. did or could any of you take your... READ COMMENT

I think this patient's needs were not addressed by her doctor. she definitely needed chin projection. an acute aesthetic sense is a pre-requisite for any physician performing cosmetic procedures. it is sad that so many are jumping into... READ COMMENT