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A True Artist - Paramus, NJ

Wanted a modest but fuller size that looked natural for my frame. One should take as much time deciding on the size. READ MORE

100% Recommended - Wayne, NJ

Overweight face did not match with underweight body. I actually had two procedures: buccal fat excision and facial liposuction (cheek/jaw) READ MORE

Questions from yakumo

Asymmetric Swelling After Cheek Liposuction

It has been over 3 weeks since I had liposuction performed on my cheeks. From the start I had asymmetric swelling. The swelling has slowly been subsiding. I don't feel... READ MORE

Still Swollen 4 Weeks Post-op (Cheek Lipo) - Final Results?

It has been 4wks and the recovery from swelling slowed down considerably after the 3rd week and seems to have reached a plateau. I can see that my face has narrowed but my... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use a Scrub Towel on Your Face?

I lather my face in the shower with facial cleanser and then wet a scrub towel and apply a bit of cleanser on the towel as well. I then apply the towel to my face in circular... READ MORE

Chin/Facial Fat Deposition

When I gain weight. I gain it mostly on my cheeks and not under my neck. So I always had good jaw definition but great big cheeks. Does this mean anything about my... READ MORE

Recent comments from yakumo

Hmm do you think it is from the pressure from the bandage? A lot of the time gravity will make it so that your face seems to sag a bit. I also had little pouches on my face for a while but as the swelling goes down even further it... READ COMMENT

Omarlaylayoussef, Egypt is quite far from New Jersey, how surprising that we're connecting here! His advice sounds like good standard advice. Let me know how you feel later on. I'm sure your recovery will be fast! Best READ COMMENT

Omarlaylayoussef, Yes that was totally my case. For 5-6 weeks I felt lumpy and very uneven (from left to right). Don't worry about anything until enough time has passed. Do you mind me asking who was your doctor? READ COMMENT

Omarlaylayoussef, Nope. I was told to wear it for the first 3 weeks. But I wore it through the 4th week as well since the compression garment can only help not hurt the final product. How are you feeling now? its nearing the 2 week... READ COMMENT

Omarlaylayoussef, It's totally normal to see swelling after 10 days. I had facial lipo and I felt like a chipmunk for the first two months, uncomfortable about being seen in public. It has been almost 12 weeks since my procedure and... READ COMMENT