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I ABSOLITELY agree with Milw9966 ... it is only good for people who are in very good shape and can not get their muffin top/tummy bump via excerise or diet. If you want more results than that, you might be very disappointed. READ COMMENT

HeatherH ... I've done this procedure twice on my lower abs and is currently 3 1/2 weeks into the second procedure. I got about 1 inch after 2 month the first time and only seen slight improve as of 3 1/2 weeks the second time. Hope... READ COMMENT

That's is great news ! I'm so glad for you! I did it twice and the second time was much more difficult. It has been three weeks on my second round so I'm starting to notice slight changes ... Good Luck ! Let us know your results. Best,... READ COMMENT

Cc529 .. Hang in there !! You will start feeling better around day 9. Since you read the other reviews, take note on what made others feel slightly better !!! Good luck .. I'm sure you'll be happy with result in a few weeks ! READ COMMENT

Cece .. SO HAPPY you are feeling better !! I really hated those bad days so I was feeling for you:)I just completed my third week so I'm just about back to normal but still itchy. My belly looks slightly flatter(not much), hoping to get... READ COMMENT