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Hoping for Good Results - Texas

I had my tummy tuck with MR and BA on May 26, so I am still in early recovery. I has alot of pain the first few days from the muscle repair. I am still quite swollen and have slot of tightness. I am going crazy in this house. I don't really feel up to doing anything, but I can't stand these four walls anymore. I am feeling kinda down...not happy with my results yet. I am an... READ MORE

Questions from cjl

Bromelain and Amica long term to combat "swell hell"?

Any of you vets out there...did you continue taking Bromelain and Amica throughout the 3-6 month period to combat "swell hell"? My thinking is that it should help... READ MORE

PS Says He Will Not Lipo More Than 1000cc During my Tummy Tuck: Is This Common?

I asked my PS to do lipo of my back, hips, flanks. He is doing a full TT and BA. He said he will only lipo 1000cc on my hips. He will not do any more due to co morbidity rates.... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Lipo, or Do I Need Lower Body Lift?

I exercise , mostly running. I have recently had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. but I am so unhappy with there appearance of my butt and thighs. could this be fixed... READ MORE

What is the best option to remove the cellulite on my thighs?

Is this cellulite or fat on my thighs? exercise doesn't get rid of it... Will Lipo help? READ MORE

Discussions started by cjl

Wondering if my tummy is "bad" enough for a full tuck....?

I am scheduled for a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation on May 26. I have contemplated having this done for over a year. I lost about 35 pounds and have worked out... READ MORE

Question about Amica and Bromelain

I am wondering if which type of Amica most of you use? I found two kinds on the "make me heal" site. Sinechh and Vita Medica. They are completely different dosages.... READ MORE

Told not to use binder or compression garment at all????

Has anyone else been told not to wear a binder or compression garment... Not even spanks!! His nurse Said that was old school and that he doesn't want tension on the... READ MORE

only 1000cc of lipo?

My PS will only do 1000cc of lipo during a TT and BA procedure. Has anyone else had their PS tell them this? I am disappointed, because I wanted him to do more on my back, hips... READ MORE

Feeling down

I am feeling down today. I've read many reviews from others over the last few months leading up to my surgery and so I know this is kind of common. I am lonely being stuck... READ MORE

What type of silicone strips did you use

For those of you who use or used silicone strips, what type or brand did you use and where did you get them? I am thinking of ordering some, even though my doctor hasn't... READ MORE

Help... Why do I have a bruise all of a sudden all around my belly button

This just appeared out of nowhere.... Should I be worried? the picture doesn't show how dark it really us.. READ MORE

Swelling could be seroma

Just a word of warning...... Swelling could be a seroma. I developed a sedona and it had to be drained with a needle and then two days ago a drain was put in. if there swelling... READ MORE

Recent comments from cjl

Thanks ladies for your words of encouragement.... It helps...;) READ COMMENT

I am laying here in a hospital gown waiting for him to finish seeing his office patients.... He will make an incision under local anesthetic...i regret this surgery.... Maybe someday I wont, but now I do.... Need to change my review... READ COMMENT

Put back in not bank.... Wish he would put some back in my bank.... LOL READ COMMENT

Well I am at my PS office about to have a drain put bank in...... So bummed READ COMMENT

I went to my PS Monday because I was worried about a part of my incision not closing up. He had to remove a knot in the suture. Oh and then I find out I have a large seroma. He drained 380cc from my right side and 50cc from my left... READ COMMENT