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Can Nostrils Become Wider After Nose-lengthening Rhinoplasty?

I underwent secondary rhinoplasty whereby the doctor removed my silicon implant and replaced it with a silicon-cum-goretex i-shaped implant, in addition to lengthening my short... READ MORE

Will Nose Tip Flatten with Added Pressure After Tip Grafting?

During the 10 days follwing my secondary rhinoplasty involving nose-lengthening (and correction of over-exposed nostrils) with septal and ear cartilage grafts, i have... READ MORE

Will Disparity in Facial Muscle Usage on Both Sides of the Face Affect Tip-Plasty?

I have read articles online which advise against excessive use of facial muscles during the first few weeks after rhinoplasty, especilly with grafting done on the tip. i... READ MORE

Pulling Down Upper Lip Causes Nose Tip to Plunge?

Will constant , unconscious pulling down of the upper lip during the immediate to early post-op period of revision rhinoplasty( implant + tip grafting+ nose lengthening) cause... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty: What Influences Scar Tissue Formation?

Is scar tissue formation affected by extent of swelling? for eg, if the patient consumes a salty meal like chips 2 weeks after revision rhinoplasty with tip-work, and sees... READ MORE

Post Revision Rhinoplasty: Hurts when I Pull Down Upper Lip

Hi during my immmediate post-op revision rhino with tip graft(septal+ear cartilage), it was uncomfortable and also hurt sometimes when i unconsciously and constantly pull down... READ MORE

Outer,lower Edge of Alar is 2-3 Mm Lower on One Side After Touching in Sleep

I had nose-lengthening rhinoplasty and also corrected over-exposed nostrils 7 weeks ago. ever since day 3 of surgery, after i caught myself picking my left nostril in my sleep... READ MORE

Nostrils Uneven After Nose Lengthening Surgery, Options To Fix This?

1 of my nostril wing has a 3 mm lower outer corner than the other 3 months after nose-lengthening surgery+correction of over-exposed nostrils with alar rim graft. since i do... READ MORE

Nostril Wing

3 months after revision nose-lengthenin+tip sharpening+correction of overexposed nostrils with alar rim grafts, the lower, outer corner of my nostril wing is now 3mm lower on... READ MORE

Slight Pain After 3 Months Rhinoplasty

3 months after revision rhinoplasty for mose lengthening and correction of over-exposed nostrils, i occassionally ( once or twice a day) feel a slight pain in my nostril wing.... READ MORE

Droopy Double Eyelid After Both Double Eyelid Surgery & DST Method- Causes?

I had incisional double eyelid surgery 2 years ago. 1year later , I did the stitching DST method on one eye to raise the double eyelid height at it's centre. Right now,both... READ MORE

Why Must I Remove Contacts Before Latisse?

I am unde the impression that applying latisse with contacts still on actually buffers the iris against latisse, thereby preventing unwanted changes in color. READ MORE

Loose Skin After Double Chin Liposuction- Will It Fix Itself Or Do I Need Treatment?

Hi, i had a pretty mild case of double chin and underwent double chin liposuction 1 month ago. however, i did not use the compression cloths like the doctor instructed, and now... READ MORE

How does the Placement of Fat Graft in Breast Influence Breast Shape?

I have received breast augmentation via fat grafting with great results over 3 sessions. i am planning a fourth session but would like to know how the placement of the fats... READ MORE

Are there Special Compression Garments for Fat Transfer to Butt?

Hi, i am considering undergoing liposuction of my saddlebags(the part beneath my butt that looks like a roll) and transfer it to augment my butt. the only thing deterring me is... READ MORE

Butt Fat Augmentation

Hi, if i were to liposuction my banana rolls cum saddle bags and have them injected into my butt to make them look perkier, will the injected fats sag as there is now decreased... READ MORE

Is it Possible for Undereye Restylane to Drop to Frontal Cheek Pad?

My doc injected restylane under the muscle to treat my undereye hollows. after 3-5 days, i noticed that my frontal cheek pads, the area right below the underye hollow, was more... READ MORE

Are there Any Treatments for Nipple Lightening?

Are there any treatments to lighten nipple color? my breasts are fair-skinned, but my nipples are very dark brown READ MORE

Normal To Wear Compression Garments After Fat Transfer to Butt?

Hi, am i allowed to wear compression garments after fat transfer to my UPPER butt? i will be doing liposuction of my saddlebags and inner thighs, and transferring the fats to... READ MORE

Will Higher Double Eyelids Help Scleral to Show Less?

Will higher double eyelids make upper eye scleral show slightly less? i have slightly less than desirable upper eye scleral show on one eye, which also happens to have a lower... READ MORE

Open Fat Grafting, Fat Injections or Medpore Implants to Undereye. Recommendations?

I have undereye hollows, including tear troughs, without eye bags. may i know the recommended implants for this area, and the downsides of medpore implants to this area? for... READ MORE

Why Are Tear Trough Medpore Implants Discouraged?

I have thin skin all over-even my body has such thin skin the veins are visible(not varicose certainly)-and i have respnded poorly to restylane in the area injected deep(the... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty 2 Weeks Ago, Eyes Look Smaller?

Hi, i had a lower blepharoplasty done 2 weeks ago. the doctor says he simply excised and tightened some skin as well as muscle,but did not do canthoplasty or canthopexy. is... READ MORE

Saggy Butt Post Upper Thigh Liposuction?

Hi, my butt got more saggy post-liposuction of my banana rolls under butt cheeks( is it banana rolls or saddle bags anyway?) how do i restore them to former perkiness? and is... READ MORE

Inferior Scleral Show After Lower Blepharoplasty with Fat Grafting?

My surgeon assured me that the inferior scleral show will be better in 3 - 6 months.but almost all my swelling has resolved at this juncture and i do not see how as time... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty on Rib-cartilage-instilled Nose?

Hi i had a rhinoplasty done with rib cartilage to lengthen my nose as well as to sharpen the nose tip. i feel my nose tip can be slightly sharper. is it possible to use more... READ MORE

Vaser Method Affects Viability of Fat for Butt Enhancement?

Does vaser liposuction affect viability of fat cells to be transferred into butt? READ MORE