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Hi Ladies - just curious how everyone is doing. Could you post updates with your progress? I had a full tummy tuck and implants on 6/24 (1 month ago!) and am extremely pleased with the results. I look like a new woman! I'm 35 yrs... READ COMMENT

It is actually very interesting. After having a TT you can't eat very much at a time because your stomach is very tight. The first week I was only eating a few bites before I was full. Now I eat about 1/2 my typical portion size. Just... READ COMMENT

Hi - I had a TT and BA 4 weeks ago (35 yrs old). I was super nervous and did a bunch of research. I'm really amazed at how well the recovery has been. The first day was a blow and I'm very glad i had an overnight in the hospital. But... READ COMMENT

The mid-thigh Flexee that I wear has a hole in the crotch. I used it at first but it was a pain. Now I pull it down. It goes all the way to my breasts and is seamless. I really like it, I wouldn't feel comfortable/secure without it. READ COMMENT

My PS gave me a Flexee compression garment which is super comfortable. Kind of like the one in the link below. I wear my binder on top of this until week 6 PO. I think it really helps with the swelling (I don't have any). I can wear all... READ COMMENT