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I feel the same way ladies at 1 month post I still have doubts on this new nose. I had wide nostrils and a wide tip so my case was different but now I have an uneven nose all together and like u running out of patience. It's really... READ COMMENT

I had rhinoplasty 1 month ago and my whole nose is uneven. One nostrils is smaller than the other. My doctor tells me to give it time because it's still swollen. READ COMMENT

I had surgery with Dr Yager 3 weeks ago I feel the nose is very swollen and uneven I hope after 3 months I'll start looking better. READ COMMENT

Lea I am going through the same thing omg I feel a relief knowing you are going through the same thing I am. I hate this new piggish round huge nose. I keep replaying in my mind what me and the doctor went over and it wasn't this.... READ COMMENT

Lez my nose got and still is really swollen. The doctor tells me because it was open rhinoplasty and because of my thick skin it will take months. I hope you love yours and don't regret it like me. Keep us posted READ COMMENT