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Indentations on Chin from IPL. Any Treatment Options?

This is my 4th time with IPL. The others were 8 years ago, they were great. This time I received a coupon for what i thought was a reputable salon. All they cared about was... READ MORE

Restalyne Numbness?

About 4 weeks ago I had a half ml each side injection naso-labial folds. Done it lots of times before. Now I have a funny numb patch on upper right lip, can really feel it when... READ MORE

Facelift: Wait till menopause?

I am not yet at the menopause but it cant be far off. right now my face looks good and botox and fillers are fine. But the jaw is starting to soften. My question is, is it... READ MORE

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Deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins

I am looking into helping a friend...he's in a dreadful mess. he had deep vein thrombosis about 10 years ago and had nanosurgery, was in intensive care, warfarin for a year. He... READ MORE

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Its what I think Kelly. I wanted to sympathize..I did sympathize, but I think this young lady needs a bit of tough love...or more. Never seen anyone so self-obsessed. I wonder if she implanted again and restarted the whole cycle. After... READ COMMENT

I havent had Sculptra, but re: steaming, you can buy a facial steamer, I have a nice small one, not expensive at all, buy online or at a chemist. It has a plastic part that fits around the face to hold in the steam. And if you cant get... READ COMMENT

I promise I am not trying to belittle how you feel. But I examines these pictures absolutely with my magnifying glass and apart from what looks like a pimple I cant see anything. I am looking all over realself at so many pics of... READ COMMENT

Appreciate!! How do you ever step away from the mirror! I really think you look better than the young pics, because you have deeper eye expression, more sexy looking. Very sexy indeed, wow lucky you. READ COMMENT

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. My God you look simply stunning. READ COMMENT