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Has Anyone Ever Become Physically Disabled from a LBL Surgery Mishandling Their Groin?

I feel that I am disabled, I can only sit for a short while and work is very very hard for me. I come home and cry and moan and that's it.I worry that I won't be able... READ MORE

Can the Presence of Lordosis Present a Problem During a Circumferential Belt Lipectomy?

I think I lost a lot of suspensive properties when nice hip padding and upper leg prominence was removed because my natural "sort of off the beaten track" but... READ MORE

How Will I Buckle my Belt Lipectomy?

Where and how should a belt lipectomy be buckled if you have posterior pelvic tilt/lordosis and front upper thigh prominence? I used to have shared energy but now unharnessed... READ MORE

How Can Bad Problems from Early on ( and Maybe Experimental) Body Lifts Be Diagnosed?

My lift is fit for a cadaver only. I believe my doctors were researching if medial thigh lifts could be incorporated into a belt lipectomy when they did my procedure. I read in... READ MORE

How is Body Lift Recipient Positioned So Pelvic Torque is Evenly Balanced After Surgery?

The torso is so complicated and everything depends on proper pivoting I would imagine. Is the patient marked in many different positions. This must be hard to do correctly with... READ MORE

What Can Be Done when Too Much is Taken off in Circumferential Belt Lift?

I wanted my buttocks lifted because a doctor over-liposuctioned them but I needed my belly, hip adipose and front upper thigh prominence to suspend everything. I had deformity... READ MORE

Why Would Plastic Surgeons Remove Belly. Side and Hip Skin to Lift my Buttocks?

I feel I wasn't positioned or postured very well. And because the area I needed lifted was compressed on the hard surgical table doctors weren't able to understand that... READ MORE

I Wanted a Butt Lift with Eventual Medial Thigh Lift. This is Not Good is It?

My hips and sides and arch of prominence gone over top of front of leg. I pretty sure I'm dying from this arrangement but it sure is taking a very long time to get around... READ MORE

Can Skin Be Expanded to Accommodate an Implant in Pelvic Slope Area After Belt Lift?

Or is there just too much vascularity there to mess with? My pelvic slope connective tissue architecture is all out of whack after belt lift. Cushioning or counterbalance here... READ MORE

Before Body Lifts Are X-rays Needed In Order To Detect/Address Spinal Conditions?

Some people have different skeletal makeups like lordosis and posterior pelvic tilt and so on. My documented spinal bifida occulta and spondylolethesis L5S1 wasn't addresed... READ MORE

Is There a Circumferential "Suspender" Lift For People Post Belt Lipectomy?

...who have had 2 much underbelly skin cut off in circumferential belt lipectomy and are experiencing powerful internal pelvic rotation/torsion almost to the point of implosion? READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done to Prevent Eventual Disembowelment from Belt Lift?

A circumferential belt lipectomy was counter productive for my issues of overliposuction to thighs and buttocks. Too much belly inner leg and side tissue removed that could... READ MORE

Avenue for Torque Harnessing Quadaricept Involvement Gone After Lift. What Are my Options? (photo)

I feel like " dead man walking" in too little skin now. I dread ever having to have any future surgeries that may be needed. This is not what I had in mind when... READ MORE

Should One Steer Clear of Plastic Surgeon's Who "Boast" Ability of Creating a More Appealing "Contour or Line"?

When in actuality it is a more appealing "whole, integrated and multi-functional" body in general that most people will want out of a plastic surgery body lift.... READ MORE

Can Pelvic Assymmetry Be Easily Pulled out of Balance During a Circumferential Belt Lipectomy?

Can Pelvic Assymmetry Be Easily Pulled out of Balance During a Circumferential Belt Lipectomy? READ MORE

Would Getting Pregnant Help Stretch out my Too Tight Groin and Pelvic Slope After Belt Lipectomy? (photo)

I'm running out of options. I need more skin to cover front of body that was shortsheeted or somthing. Quadricep functionality swaddled too tight to make up for some... READ MORE

Can a Person's Leg Skin Unravel from Crotch to Ankle if Pelvic Height Misplaced in Belt Lipectomy?

I'm reluctant to show my new pictures. Things are very bad looking. After belt lift for over aggressive liposuction most of the fat paddng I had that could be used to suspend... READ MORE

Botched Liposuction Left Me With No Groin, Crotch, Hip, Belly. What Are My Options From Here? (photo)

I wanted a small amount of liposuction to lessen a bulgy right thigh. Instead got what you see in photo two. Sought help from Iowa body lifter doctors to help with buttock... READ MORE

Is Liposuctioned Skin Treated in Body Lifting in the Same Way As Saggy Skin from Weight Loss?

Or are the two types of skin completly different architecture from each other. A doctor's website says they do circumferential belt lipectomy for bariatric patients who have... READ MORE

What Good Does It Do to Go to a Board Certified "Medical Doctor" Plastic Surgeon Body Lift Specialist?

....for a body lift if they list spondylolethesis L5S1 as only "a spinal condition of some sort" on lift surgical report. Man, I wish I knew that they weren't going to take my... READ MORE

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I have horrible tightness eleven years after. It just gets worse and worse. I think it's going to kill me eventually. Who was your doctor? Did either of you ever get better? READ COMMENT

It's a jungle out there in plastic surgery land and I got badly mauled by a couple who call themselves " the best." READ COMMENT

Every now and then even a good real plastic surgeon can be a sociopath and just demolish somebody on a whim and know that nothing will happen. That must be such feeling of omnipotence for them. READ COMMENT

Liposuction takes away cushioning that might well be advantageous when older to help protect bony prominence areas if bedridden. I think it is a very unhealthy practice and that it is unfortunate the medical society doesn't restrict it... READ COMMENT