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Kimmers is so right....it is all about you and what you are comfortable with. As she said...your boobies..your choice My hubby is just like Kimmer's...he loves the 20 year old boobies on the 48 year old body!! It is wonderful to have... READ COMMENT

Kinda. They are a bit pricy but worth the money. At 3 weeks...my doctor wanted me out of the compression bras! He wanted me into a bra that would give support from the side and under the breast. We are in the "shaping" phase! ... READ COMMENT

I did do pictures...on the advise of Kimmers. I have not yet posted them. As for the sleeping. The first couple of nights, I slept on the reclining sofa and then moved to the bed. I did have to sleep on my back...to make sure... READ COMMENT

I so wanna get a tummy tuck, but I really need to wait for the breast to heal. I am having a small issue with healing, but I am sure that my doctor is gonna get it under control. I will be over here wishing you the best and trying... READ COMMENT

Covington...I have to tell you, my doctor told me that I would really not feel much pain in my breast and that most of the pain would be on the small lipo area he was doing (to stop the dog ear and to contour my "back fat" (my words not... READ COMMENT