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Ceramic Braces to Finish the Job Invisalign Didn't - Houston, TX

This story is about Ceramic braces, but first I have to tell you that I wrote a previous review about my Invisalign Braces that I wore for 1-1/2 years, titled "Anxiety and Elation about Invisalign." I am not crazy. Invisalign did straighten my teeth, but didn't failed to correct the slight over-jet of my front teeth sitting on the two neighboring teeth. This was the main reason I got... READ MORE

Artefill Was First Awful Choice, Juvaderm Ultra Was Great. - Webster, TX

A friend knew how upset I was with the results of my Artefill experience and the doctor who did it, and the $1,200 wasted when it totally deflated within 12 days, and never improved over the coarse of 3 months...So I kept wondering what to try next. I work at UTMB and asked Board Certified Plastic Surgeon there if they could do the tear trough area of my eyes and most seemed reluctant or... READ MORE

My First Time Filler Under Eyes is Artefill - Houston, TX

I am middle 40's. I have always taken care of my skin by taking lots of B complex vitamins, and all other vitamins for skin, especially vitamin C which promotes collagen. I never go in the Sun, and always wear powerful sun screen for the most minimal exposure. So I never needed collagen or botox. In the last year I just felt that my eyes were looking tired. The first thing I did 6 months... READ MORE

Elation and Anxiety About Invisalign - Dickinson, TX

Getting Invisalign was a very emotional experience for me. I had deep seeded burdens of remembering aunts and grandmothers before me who never had the financial blessing of being able to fix their teeth. Some couldn't even afford dentures and I remember watching them gum their food and I felt a sense of sadness for them. I thought about how many impoverished people I meet every single day... READ MORE

Co2 Laser Upper & Lower Eyelid Resurfacing - Webster, TX

Very very good. I did this because at age 45 my eyes were looking heavy and tired all the time. Botox and fillers only last approx one year. I researched all pros and cons before procedures. I do not have to explain that the pros are excellent tightening and renewed skin. The cons could be hyperpigmentation (permanent or hard to correct darkening of skin especially in med to dark skinned pts)... READ MORE

Questions from T in Texas

Invisalign - Clear Buttons?

I Just Got Invisalign.  All Advertisement Shows Completely Clear Trays. I was upset that my doctor put all these white colored buttons on my teeth,that look like food,... READ MORE

Should Teeth be Shaven and Bonded Before or After Invisalign?

Looked healthy before. I wanted to remove 1 bottom veneer (illusion of straight teeth.) Front teeth bunched over 2 side teeth. Extract problem back teeth. Got Invisalign to... READ MORE

How to Fix Sunken Lower Inner Eyelids?

I just had CO2 Laser Eyelid resurfacing. Pics 3-4 (2 mos post procedure.) Still have shadows of inflamed skin. Pleased with the upper&outer corners, but my chief... READ MORE

My Main Concern in my Late 40's is Tightening my Jawline Significantly. What's the Newest Laser? (photo)

My Main Concern in my Late 40's is Tightening my Jawline Significantly. What's the Newest Laser? READ MORE

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No. I did not see a color difference under the buttons. READ COMMENT

My eyes were dry for months, and looked very red for 4-6 months. I had to wear very heavy makeup. Plus any kind of exertion made them really turn red. READ COMMENT

I really did not have deep lines to begin with but the laser did do minor tightening. READ COMMENT

The old CO2full ablation:-) No worries mine blended just fine. Good luck:-) READ COMMENT

I don't know how I will feel taking off my braces in my late 40's. Certainly no one discussed with me if older people might have bone-jaw issues. It might actually be a real issue since we experience bone loss as we age. I also know... READ COMMENT