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TT and Breast Lift Post 90lb Weight Loss - 6 months later! - Columbus, OH

So.... I've been on a 2.5 year journey to lose about 90lbs. I was always athletic and heavier than I looked thanks to being more muscular than average, but there was no excuse for the 269lbs that I hit in my late twenties. After turning my life upside down heading into 30 (will turn 31 this year)...downsized from corporate america, career reinvention, financial shifts, personal challenges.... READ MORE

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Hi Blessed - You're right, we have MUCH in common. It's funny, Child's Pose is one of the moves where I always catch myself smiling about my new tummy. It's so much better now! I can actually rest flat on my thighs. The little things... READ COMMENT

Thanks Maumee! Your surgery is right around the corner...wow! You must be excited. Try not to be too terrified. :) There is no way to really be prepared, but trust you will absolutely make it through it all, no matter what comes your... READ COMMENT

Not to invade this post, but I thought I'd offer up what ended up working for me. All of our bodies are different, so what worked for me may do nothing for another, but I'm all for sharing in case it does. ;) Anyways, once my doctor... READ COMMENT

I just wanted to say hi Bella. I had my TT in columbus too so we're close to each other. ;) Can I just say don't worry about the scar redness. It does get better. I'm 6 months out and things seem much much better now. Be careful on the... READ COMMENT

OMG, we have the same PS. Our scars even look similar. Too funny! :) READ COMMENT