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Yes, I use Dr. Pan also and she is a gem! READ COMMENT

No, you're not vain. Have you tried the enzyme hylaluronidase? It should break down the main component in perlane. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyaluronidase READ COMMENT

I get lumps and it is not unheard of. The key is if they are visible and how much? How large are they? READ COMMENT

I had a hylauronic product injected under my tear trough deep into the muscle with no problems. It seems as if your doctor injected too high and instead of giving a lift from below, it exaggerated it. Good thing it doesn't last long..... READ COMMENT

To be honest, I wrote a positive review and I do like this product. But I also do have a lump in front of the ear (?parotid nodule), and it too may possibly be sculptra. I have no problem with this if it is not that painful, and it is... READ COMMENT