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L truly feel your pain, I got Hyaluronidase 14 days ago, refilled with Juvederm 4 days ago, I wish I had waited, not even the Juvederm covered the Hollowed dent look. My Juvederm is not even holding up!!!! does that makes sense????... READ COMMENT

Oh my!!!! lam the same, dented look, shadowy, skin wrinke, jelly like appearance, EXACTLY!!!! READ COMMENT

Never use hyaluronidase!!! unless its by a profession but then again l got it done by a a profession to and my eyes are never the same again, it left it hollowed and dented....devastated READ COMMENT

Oh my goodness, l was also assured that hyaluronidase will just dissolve the lumps but in time it just keeps melting away including your own tissue!! l am hollowed and its only been 14 days, devastated... READ COMMENT

L am from australia and l am going to through the same thing, hyaluronidase has ruined my tissue, left it hollow with a dent look and l only had it 14 days ago, devastated... READ COMMENT