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Dimples on the Side of the Nose

Hallo, I have had a nose job and i'm still not really setisfied. The bone of the nose is ok, but there is just no skin/fat on the side of the nose. when i was young i had... READ MORE

Dr. Will Not Acknowledge Crooked Chin Implant, What Can I Do?

My chin implant is placed asymmetric. My docter says it isnt. So i went to the hospital to get a röntgen/ ct scan picture. It didnt show the implant at all. It scanned... READ MORE

Place Implant Wings Separate from Front Part of Implant on Jawline?

On one side of the jawline my implant wing crosses the bone and sticks out. My jawline is asymmetric and is higher on one side. On the higher side the wing sticks out. My... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Inject Filler on the Side of the Top Nose Bridge? (photo)

I have a dimp on the side of the top nose bridge. I've added a picture that shows the location where it is and where i would like to have some filler injected. I went to a PS... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with nanofat grafting?

Can the new technique of nanofat grafting (where they use stem cells from your fat) be used to correct irregularities on the nose just like fillers are being for it? The... READ MORE