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Damaged and Dried out Eye Area - Los Angeles, CA

So I did the peel last week with a booster. It was extremely irritating and painful the first 2 days, the next 2 days I peeled and looked crazy (You can not leave the house during this process). 5 days off work atleast will be required !On day four my cheeks had peeled but not the area around my eyes, at this point I could no longer use the provided moisturizer because it was setting me on... READ MORE

Botched Nose Job -Manhattan, NY

I had a nose job done in 2005 by a supposed rhinoplasty "specialist" He carved over exaggerated nostrils into my nose, caused a collapse in my right nostril and horrific asymmetry ! :( It has ruined my life, please proceed with caution when choosing a rhinoplasty doctor, your nose is in the middle of your face and can never be hid. Now to fix the collapse, I will have to use cartilage from... READ MORE

This Doctor is hit or miss due to ethics, sloppiness and Greedy Over scheduling.

I have had several lipo procedures, every time has been an improvement ! Please look at your doctors previous work carefully before making a decision , rippling and denting are common in the hands of a fool. There are a lot of fool butchers out there ! Keep in mind Tara Reids stomach as an example ! The best lipo doctor I have ever seen was Dr Motykie in Beverly Hills , many others will... READ MORE

Trusculpt Total Scam - Marina Del Rey, CA

I went to the best doctor in Los Angeles for Trusculpt. Technician who did the procedure was super nice, however this procedure is nothing more than an overpriced scam. It is VERY painful, especially on sensitive areas. There are absolutely no improvements with this procedure in fat reduction or cellulite reduction. Save your money !! READ MORE

Total Fx is NOT for Crows Feet! - Santa Monica, CA

My doctor told me to get total fx for crows feet. It did absolutely NOTHING for crows feet. I already had a great complexion, so the results were zero! Maybe the FX lasers work on brown spots, but it does not work well on orbital creases or sagging. The doctor was very experienced and really cranked the laser up, so the lack of results was not his fault! READ MORE

Improvement But Far FAR from Expectations! - Beverly Hills, CA

I have always had a labia which drooped on the right side and would stick out of my vagina and rub on my panties, causing major irritability. I finally went to several consultations and decided on a little fancy Institute on the corner of Beverly Hills. They charged 4500. I am one week out and most of the swelling is gone, there is no pain and I have recovered well. HOWEVER, the doctor did not... READ MORE

Questions from LidiaC

Lipo For Back of Leg (Banana Roll) Risky? (photo)

I am a 29 year old female, 5'7, 137 Ibs. I exercise moderately and can still not get rid fat on the back of my leg. I have heard lipo in that area can be very risky, because... READ MORE

How Much Labia Skin Can Safely Be Removed with Labiaplasty?

I am interested to know how much skin can be removed with Labiaplasty. Can the skin around the vaginal opening be trimmed, if the labia happens to have excess in that area? Can... READ MORE

Does Coolsculpting Under the Buttocks Cause Butt Sagging?

I exercise regularly but cant take inches off the area on the BACK of my legs from the buttcheek to knee. I am considering coolsculpting,but I have concerns!1)I know lipo can... READ MORE

Ulthera for Crows Feet?

I have crows feet and slight lax skin that botox does not correct. I want a laser or peel to improve the eye area. Is Ulthera effective for crows feet and lax skin/crinkling... READ MORE

Trusculpt? Permanent? Risky?

I have fat on the back of my thigh, I have been told coolsculpting is not a good option for that area. The doctor recommended Trusculpt instead. However , when looking online... READ MORE

Thermage or Ulthera for Crows Feet?

Which treatment is better for skin tightening around the eye. I am beginning to get lax skin and creasing, that botox is not correcting. Which is more effective,safer, longer... READ MORE

Risks of Having Ulthera over Fillers?

I understand many doctors believe Ulthera can dissolve fillers. Besides Dissolving fillers, what other possible side effects are there of doing Ultherapy over fillers? Can the... READ MORE

Half Syringes of Filler for Sale? Safe?

I have bought filler from doctors who did a number of questionable concerning things. 1) Only charging the client for the amount of filler they used which would be under the... READ MORE

Trusculpt for Fat and Cellulite?

Is Trusculpt effective? Does it reduce cellulite? For how long? Could it possibly worsen dimpling or cellulite? When do results show up? Will I see results in one treatment?... READ MORE

Best Liposuction Method for ONLY Back of Legs?

I have a layer of fat only on the very back of my leg, not really on the inner or outer thigh at all.. I have seen and heard horror stories of women who had lipo done to that... READ MORE

Ulthera Caused Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries?

I just did an Ultherapy treatment around my eyes, the doctor warned me it could bust capillaries and then she would treat them with Vbeam. However, I only notice spider veins... READ MORE

Is Coolaser Better Than Ulthera for Crowsfeet?

I recently consulted with several doctors and have been doing online research. I saw a laser called Coolaser online which is used for wrinkles and pigmentation problems. I am... READ MORE

Ulthera Created More Lines and Hollowing of Eye Area?

I had an Ultherapy treatment done only to my orbital area a month and a half ago. I know results take between 3-6 months, HOWEVER I am actually noticing more hollowing,... READ MORE

Can Fat Store in the Face After Liposuction? And Likelihood of Gaining?

If a person were to have liposuction on arms, legs and stomach would the untreated face begin to show possible weight gain afterwards? How likely is it that weight gain would... READ MORE

Must You Eat Less After Lipo, Regardless of Healthy Diet Before Lipo, Because of Having Less Fat Cells?

I have been reading online studies regarding weight gain after Lipo. I am a little confused! Is it true that regardless of a healthy diet with exercise before lipo, that you... READ MORE

Will Lipo Garment Seam Creasing Cause Permanent Lines?

I am 10 days post op from thigh/knee lipo,my doctor has me in a heavy duty spanx like compression garment,for my second stage garment. The inner seam of the garment is leaving... READ MORE

Red Rings/Hive Around Lipo Incisions? (photo)

I am 10 days post op Thigh Lipo. Doctor did not prescribe antibiotic. I am not taking ANY medication, not even pain medication. Doc gave me antibiotics during surgery. I am not... READ MORE

Terrible Breast Surgery, Can Nipples Be Fixed? (photo)

Over 5 years ago a doctor cut around my nipples and did a lift, then put implants in. The breast right away started to look crazy, the nipples are two different sizes, face... READ MORE

How Can I Be Sure My Doctor is Using a New Needle when Injecting?

I was just reading a story about a dentist who was using the uncleaned instruments and the same needles on multiple patients, giving them HIV. In the comments, I read several... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Arm Coolscultping? (photo)

I wish to decrease inches on my arms. They are not super flabby or fat in one area (no real chicken wings), it is just a layer of fat all over the upper arm. If there is not a... READ MORE

Coolaser Made by Dr Simon Ourian, for Crowsfeet?

I recently went to a consultation in Beverly Hills and consulted with a doctor about a new laser called 'Coolaser'. Yelp reviews for the laser seem to be positive, at least for... READ MORE

Using Ear Cartilage for Collapsed Botched Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty done by a "top" surgeon rhinoplasty specialists in NYC 7 years ago. Immediately afterward the right nostril was collapsed, I had asymmetrical nostrils, left... READ MORE

Liposonix for Upper Arms? (photo)

I am very fit, only problem area is my upper arms, they do not match my body. They naturally have alot of muscle causing them to look large anyways, so I can not afford that... READ MORE

How Much Arm Fat is Needed to Perform Arm Lipo? (photo)

Hi, I am very much in shape, but my arms are naturally very muscular and not in good proportion with my body :( Recently, I put on 4 pounds and it all seems to be going to... READ MORE

Do Patients Pass Gas or Have Bowel Movements Under Anesthesia?

I am just curious if patients ever pass gas, pee or poop whilst under anesthesia ? I've read they can not and I have read they often do . READ MORE

Steroid Injection for Capsule Prevention?

I recently underwent a Breast Revision surgery, because of a capsule in one breast. I had drains and Medrol Pak after. I am doing exercises, but feel one breast (while mobile)... READ MORE

How Significantly Do Fluid Drains Reduce Swelling?

I recently had a breast revision surgery for a capsule. The Dr. gave me drains for one week afterwards. I'm only a wk and a half post op, but I am a full cup size bigger than I... READ MORE

Is a 375 Saline Similar to a 500 Silicone HP ?

If I had a 375 Saline Implant under the muscle and went to a 500 Silicone implant under the muscle, would they come out similar? I am a full C with the 375-400 Saline. Do not... READ MORE

500 Silicone Implant Will Give Natural Look?

If a person is 5'7, 135 IBS, measuring 38, 27, 38 and currently has 375 saline under the muscle AND changing to 500 HP Silicone under the muscle, will they have the same... READ MORE

Breast Becomes Smaller when Removing Capsule Scar Tissue?

I recently had a revision for a capsule in my breast. I wanted to remain the same size when switching from saline to silicone during this process. My doctor went up atleast 100... READ MORE

Implants Are Too Big, How Soon Can I Get a Revision?

I recently changed my salines to silicone. I was 375 Saline Under the Muscle, Dr. went to 500 cc Silicone and I look RIDICULOUS ! Like trashy Porn Star looking :( He said he... READ MORE

How Easy is the Recovery During Breast Implant Exchange?

After a Revision and a lift because of capsules, I am unhappy with how large my breast are. How easy would another surgery recovery be, if I exchanged my now 500cc's with 375... READ MORE

How Soon After BA Can I Downsize?

I recently had a Breast Revision for a capsule issue. My doctor gave me 500 cc silicone HP under the muscle, he did an amzing job EXCEPT he did not give me the "C" cup size I... READ MORE

Will a 100CC Decrease in Silicone Make a Cup Size Difference?

Currently I have 500 CC HP silicone unders, they are far too big!! I am need a decrease and I am thinking of going with 375CC, or 400CC. Will 100CC decrease make a significant... READ MORE

Are Electronic Plastic Surgery Records Shared Among Doctors?

I am curious if medical records are only kept with one doctor or if they are shared/visible in a linked electronic file, between multiple offices? For Example, if I had lipo 5... READ MORE

CoolTouch, Thermage or Fraxel for Crows Feet?

Which laser is best for crows feet? NO, I do not want Botox, I am looking for a laser or peel to treat lines around the eyes. They are not too deep yet. I tried Ulthera and... READ MORE

Is Affirm Laser Good for Mild Crows Feet and Orbital Area Tightening?

I do not want botox, I do not like the results of botox. I am looking for a laser solution for the beginning aging around eye area. MILD crows feet, crinkling and lax skin... READ MORE

Does the Vi Peel Turn Back the Clock on Aging?

I am wondering if doing the Vi Peel once or twice a year will set back aging? I understand that getting in the sun after or not wearing sunscreen will make spots come back. But... READ MORE

Will Vi Peel Help with Crows Feet, Eye Are Lasticity?

Does vi peel help with slight lasticity issues and the beginning of fine lines around the eye area? Does it rewind the aging process? Does it create collagen production ? How... READ MORE

Best Laser for Improving Lasticity and Creating Collagen Around the Eyes?

What is the best laser for creating collagen while improving firmness in the upper lid, crows feet and under lid eye area? CO2 lasers do not work for me, because I do not have... READ MORE

I Accidently Stopped the VI Peel by Applying Aquaphor! What Can I Do?

On the third day of my Vi Peel , the moisturizer given was setting on extreme FIRE, so I used Aquaphor instead. The Aquaphor immediently healed the skin and prematurely stopped... READ MORE

Best Laser for Building Collagen in Orbital Eye Area?

I do not need resurfacing in the eye area, I do not have wrinkles yet! Botox is not doing the job and I am far too young for cutting skin off !(30) I simply need a laser or... READ MORE

Reduced Implant 75-100CC, what to expect?

I just had implants taken out that were 450 and 500 cc, they were replaced by a 425 and a 350, HP Silicone Mentor. I had them replaced because the previous size was much to... READ MORE

Why do my Silicone's look larger than Saline?

I recently had a capsule issue, with 325-400 saline unders. I asked DR to stay same size and swap them to silicone when fixing capsule. For some unknown reason he put in... READ MORE

Does the Derma Pen or Derma Roller Produce Collagen?

My local Medi Spa has a new procedure called the Derma Pen Procedure, it supposedly produces collagen by poking holes in the dermis. It supposedly gets rid of sagging/lines and... READ MORE

Red, Swollen, Itchy Incisions after stitch/tape removal. Why? (photo)

So I am one week post op, the tape and stitches have been removed, I finished all my antibiotics, yet I still am having itchy/bright red/swollen incisions. Why is this... READ MORE

Discussions started by LidiaC

Should You Tip for Botox, Laser or Chermical Peels?

I recently went to a medi spa that wanted tips for botox and tips for doing a VI PEEL. This seems unethical since it is pretty much a medical treatment, not a service to be... READ MORE

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I could not show just how bad the nose job is, because it would require an underneath shot and then my entire face would be exposed. I have had ONE nose job by Oleh and he did such a botch job ! I am considering Dr Ellenbogen in Los... READ COMMENT

I love the end result! Be happy ! So many doctors are not removing ENOUGH and women still look extra meaty down there after paying good money to have their labia removed! In my opinion, I love the "coin slot" look! READ COMMENT

How long do the results last? Will it stretch back out in a couple years? READ COMMENT