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Ulthera - Woodbury, MN

I had a mini lift in 2001, I am 59 years old. I went through a hard divorce and lost more then 25lbs. I wanted a mini lift, but when I heard of Ulterapy I felt it was a good solution for me, along with Juvederm injections. There is no down time, it is not as dramatic as a surgical procedure, but I saw some results immediately. I did it for a boost, I felt the need to turn the clock back... READ MORE

Juvederm and Ulthera - Virginia Beach, VA

Approximately two weeks ago I had 3 viles of Juvederm injected around the mouth area, lips, jowls. It was amazing! I looked 10 yrs younger. I love it, I'm buying stock in it... Never, never, do a filler uner the eye is my opinion! I tried that before and it leaves a red line, horrible, uneven swelling, and you can't get rid of it. Do nothing, or get an eye lift, lower and upper, but do... READ MORE

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Risks of Ulthera After Juvederm?

I spent $1800 on Juvederm injections and botox last week. I am scheduled for ultherapy this week. Will the ultherapy affect the Juvederm; I love the results and don't want... READ MORE

I Lost Some Juvederm After Ulthera: I Had 3 Viles 2 Weeks Ago - Can I Have More?

I had 3 viles of Juvederm injected and looked amazing, 10 years younger. I was so happpy. A week later I did the Ulthera and the doctor did not go over the areas injected, but... READ MORE

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Let me also add that Dr. Choe is a cosmetic, plastic surgeon who restricts his practice to the "face" only. He does not do any other part of the body. He is really wonderful and "no pressure" whatsoever. He's not trying to sell you... READ COMMENT

I had the ulthera done a few months ago. It is a very painful procedure, but my doctor Dr. Choe, injected a type of novicane all over half my face and after he was done, the other side of my face. It was torerable. However, I had... READ COMMENT

It's been about 5 weeks since I had ulthera; I did my whole face. I am very happy with the results. First, I would not recommend a dermatologist; I would seek a well known costmetic surgeon. There is a major difference in the two. ... READ COMMENT

I had ulthera done a week ago, I paid for my entire face. However, we did Juvederm injections a week before so he couldn't do those areas. My doctor first, gave me 8 motrin, and 4 tynol, then he numbed my entire neck, face, and... READ COMMENT

Don't worry, I my eye is very swollen and a little under the neck on the left side. It will go away, I had a minor welt, like a cat scratched me, but minor. These are all things they tell you to expect following the procedure. The... READ COMMENT