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Dr. John J.W. Lee. Would never recommend.

Consulted with three plastic surgeons and one oculoplastic surgeon. Started this search three years ago. Have been stalking this site for months reading everyone's reviews. Thank you, I t has been very helpful. Had surgery under local in office. Felt comfortable with eye specialist and online pictures. Made it quite clear I just wanted the skin off lashes, nothing else. Medial fat was also... READ MORE

Questions from mollygirl

Voluma Facelift?

Is Voluma an appropriate solution without surgery for lower face sagging? READ MORE

11 days post op. I know it's early but I have concerns regarding asymmetry. Will the asymmetry improve with time? (Photo)

Asked for excess skin to be just lifted off lashes. No fat removal only medial as it was herniated. Does it look like fat was also removed in upper lids? Not sure if I think I... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, my eyelid is droopy, aching, and the lashes are in different position. What can be done? (photos)

Upper bleph 6 weeks ago. Eyes look very different. Asked for skin off lashes only. Feel like left eyelid is drooping. Also inner eye socket by nose hurts where fat was removed.... READ MORE

Pain in left eye area at inner nose post upper blepharoplasty. Also clicking in left ear when I run?? What is this?

The pain in my inner eye did not start until about one month post op. As stated medial fat removed. My inner eye area near nose is hurting. Mentioned to surgeon and he... READ MORE

Pain inner eye 5 months post upper blepharoplasty. What can be causing this?

I need help please. I had upper bleph 5 months ago. I had 2 fat pads totally removed from left inner eye. MD was pulling and cauterizing at the same time. I though my eye was... READ MORE

Best filler for inner eye hollowness.... (photos)

Ten months post upper bleph. Had two fat pads removed from inner upper left lid near nose and one from right. Aside from the constant discomfort in left eye, I feel hollow. Is... READ MORE

Orbital Inflammation ten months post-op. What could be the cause? (Photo)

Ten months post op. Two fat pads removed from left inner eye one from right. Initially pain in left eye (that actually felt like wrapped around to back of eye) which is now... READ MORE

Revision suggestions? (Photo)

Two years out in July. Uppers only. Have painful inner left eye including side of nose. Hollowed out and look awful. Pulled twice hard left inner eye area during surgery. Would... READ MORE

Upper blepharoplasty surgical ethics

Is it ethical or normal for a surgeon to enter the procedure room with patient lying down and inject, mark, and then cut immediately (in that order) never sitting patient up or... READ MORE

Discussions started by mollygirl

Be very careful when you research potential surgeons online

Not pleased with up bleph and posted on vitals to warn others.  My review was removed.  I am so mad. So beware of what you read online as apparently Dr's office can... READ MORE

Recent comments from mollygirl

So sorry. He ruined me too. READ COMMENT

Blef. Good advice. We both have devestating results from these so called eye specialist. Deep regrets....I would never recommend this surgery to anyone. I hope you continue to heal. Xoxo READ COMMENT

Smart girl. The so called surgeon who ruined the health of my left eye does lots and lots of blephs. Still messed me up. I just wish I had listened to my gut and gone elsewhere. I'm happy you did. READ COMMENT

Heb. I'm so sorry. Ruins you doesn't it? Why you ask yourself a million times. Why?? I feel so badly that you have been told by the 19th ocular surgeon there is nothing they can do. No fillers or grafting or spacers?? Or is the risk too... READ COMMENT

Heb. How are you doing? Your comment was removed. READ COMMENT